Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Modelling Jobs in Ramadhan

Syukur Alhamdulillah I am blessed with a gamut of sustenance this Ramadhan. I have sooooo many things that I am grateful for that I do not know where to begin with. I've never been this happy and I am so grateful to be given such opportunities:-

My daughter is growing up so well (alhamdulillah) and I do hope she will have a beautiful Ramadhan this year (InshaAllah)

My husband is more supportive than ever (I'll tell you why in a moment)

 I still have my parents around (and do bear in mind that any contact with our parent albeit a glimpse or mere pittance, Allah will bless us with pahala)

My mother and I have strong will not in cooking & preparing meals for breaking fast and sahur; we are on a campaign of boycotting Bazaar Ramadhan for their ridiculous price and tasteless food.

Now, if you have been following my blog, you would have known by now that I have another career which involves cameras and limelight. It's hard work believe me but you must never whine on doing things that you adore. *Zip lips... Furthermore, it is a very competitive field and I truly have no idea if I would be bestowed upon another opportunity. Besides, I'm neither young nor thin anymore. To cut short the story, I've been working since the 1st day of Ramadhan for GetGorgeous Boutique Raya Collection for 2 weeks in a row. The job would start at 9.00pm and wrapped up by 3.00am the next morning. Was I all by myself? Nope, Uncle Din accompanied me throughout the end. Poor guy; he had to wait until morning for the photo shoot is done.

The baju kurung collection
One of the shawls collection
 Another job that I got by surprise is .............. 

putih-putih melati ali baba
merah-merah delima meow meow
sape yang baik hati cinderellaaaa....... 

I know; the notion does not hold water. I was driving on my home when I got a phone call from Hera Helmi offering the job. It was a 2 days iftar fashion show at Shangrila Putrajaya. I even had to cancelled my trip balik kampung to Malacca to commit to the job. The 1st day was for Jubahsouq (did you know that the brand is anchored by 2 talented males? Amir and Zack) while the 2nd day was for Koleksi Daraa Ezuwan Ismail. Makeup starts at 3.00pm, runway show starts at 8.00pm, photo shoot at 9.00pm and we wrapped up at 10.00pm. I had no idea this is how the team works especially the models; we break our fast with a sip of water and started to work at 8.00pm. Maaaak ai.. sib baik masiih bernafas.. Solat? Don't fret will ya? I took my ablution prior to begin makeup and had to hold my breath until Maghrib to go to the ladies. It took me a lot of effort! Sip some water and performed Maghrib at a small corner. Pheeeew! I'm not gonna elaborate the fashion show as I don't have the photos yet. Ok?


The talented lads behind Jubah Souq
Their runway collection which we did.

 Koleksi Daraa Ezuwan Ismail

The talented Ezuwan

 As of date, Ramadhan has been kind to me. Alhamdulillah. Business is doing good too albeit in different genre now. Uncle Din? Well, I'm so thankful that he is supportive and gave consent on my interest. Somehow I'm flattered by his kindness of sending me and wait patiently until I'm done. Normally every modelling job is time consuming. And when I'm done, there he is sitting by himself immersed with his mobile phone. Then there comes that line

"Teman I makan boleh? Nak makan kat Murni.."

"*Gulp.... *Calory.... OK sayang.... *Sweat..."     

 I've began to see the truth in my colleague's advice; in times of darkness where there is no light to guide your way, appeal to Allah SWT as HE will show you the way. We always say that we are grateful for what we have and we are sincere in our doings, but how true can you vouch that? Only you can tell.  

 Thank you for reading.


  1. Dora, uncle din looks better in the right pic - dora pki baju orange.. sbb kumis sket je..

    left picture dia nampak tua lebih sket..

    ahahahah.. lain plak comment nye ek :P

  2. hahahahaha...mizah nih.....lain pulak comment die...die mmg tak elok kumis byk2, nampak serabut!