Thursday, August 01, 2013

Kelik Kelate & Photoshoot Hurul Ain

Salam Ramadhan..

I've been planning to balik kampung Kelantan for quite some time as we will be celebrating our Eid in Shah Alam this year. Coincidentally, Nuzul Quran falls during the 3rd week of Ramadhan and Selangor was declared on leave. I'm truly indebted to my colleague mama Aniq who always reminded me to check flight tickets now and then because if you are avid in scouting promo tickets, you might be lucky enough to stumble upon reasonable promotions. Which apparently we did!

We were so lucky to stumble upon cheap flight tickets. A total of 3 people was less than RM300

So our stay in Kelantan was from Thursday to Monday. And I must say I had so much fun and rested during our stay. We arrived on Thursday first thing in the morning. We just let the hours passes by as we were anticipated waiting for breaking fast at 7.31pm. That day, my MIL asked me to accompany her to param (Pasar Ramadhan) at Peringat. To be frank with you; this was actually my 1st visit to any param. I hate params for their spiking price and tasteless food. I couldn't bear the notion. But knowing that my MIL wanted to visit the param, that definitely left me with no other choice. The price in Kelantan is just as similar as in Shah Alam. I was really surprised! 

Ulam : sepinggan RM5

Murtabak : Sekeping RM3

Ayam madu : Seketul (dah la kecik) RM5

Kerabu kaki ayam : semangkuk RM5

Air tebu : sebungkus RM5

Haiyaaaaaa..... *belajar bersangka baik.... Anyhoooo, the repertoire we had for breaking fast was awesome! MIL cooked my favourite meals which totally made me feel guilty *the road diverged in the yellow woods... get me? Rasa berbelah bagi? You see, throughout Ramadhan, I don't take rice or oily food during sahur nor breaking fast. Neither ice drinks. I think you know why right? One day prior to Kelantan, my weight was looking good at 63kg (still fat..I know... Better than being at 70kg... Okay, Shut up....) but whilst I was seated in front of these delicious fatty creamy Kelantan foods, I had to wave the white flag. I keep telling and hypnotizing myself "only mere pittance.... you won't get fat... you won't get fat..". Hahahaa, psycho; I know..

 Day 1

 Day 2

 Day 3
On Saturday, my in-laws did bekwoh in conjunction with Nuzul Quran and the return of all their children. The bekwoh was awesome! Again; MIL prepared my favourite dish none other than ayam percik okaaaay...  During the bekwoh, I decline rice and consumed more on the dishes. Konon balance laaa... *Shut up......... Sedaaaaaap nyer makanan Kelantan subhanallaaaaaah.... SERIOUSLY SEDAAAAP! Hence, don't stay too long in Kelantan while you're there. I betcha; you will gain weight.. *been there, done that.

Aaaaand this is Piya and I while we were there (*_*)

 Our return flight to Subang Airport was on Monday morning at 8.40am. The flight experience some delay and we arrived at Subang around 10.30am instead of 9.40am. Upon returning home, I had to rush and get ready for a photoshoot at Getgorgeous for Hurul Ain Boutique. 

Photoshoot for Hurul Ain Boutique
 In conclusion, I had a wonderful weekend. What about you? 

Thank you for reading peeps.

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