Monday, April 22, 2013

Mega Drama Maskara & Premium Beautiful

Have you ever heard of this drama? If only they aired the drama at TV3 I reckon it would be a big hit and easily to be noticed. Instead, it is aired at TV1 (Whaaat...?) I barely flick to TV1 ok.. Ok so why suddenly I'm bothered to acknowledge the drama because I'm not a fan of KRU's production? They've released terrible movies (Cicak Man; u gotta be kidding me.. seriously?? Siap ader Cicak Man II ok....) and at one time they released a singing sitcom Hotel Mania whereby the cast were Akademi Fantasia's graduates (that was a total joke especially when I don't like Marsha Milan Londoh... hamek kau nama penuh lagi...).

So by knowing my revulsion towards KRU's work, I on the contrary felt quite compelled to glance at this drama becaaaaause....

1. It was said that the drama was inspired from Desperate Housewives and I love DH.

Desperate Housewives in blazing red *miss them... sob sob..*
  2. Our academy is one of the main sponsors...!

Nampak tak? Ini logo kami!
Tadaaaa...! Akademi Taipan 181 *proud*
 Photo's and synopsis can be viewed from Budiey's website. 

From what I decipher, it seems that the drama revolves around 3 young beautiful housewives who has a close rapport. A newbie comes by and fits in the group very well; and then there are four. The ladies comes from different age groups with different personality too. Very much akin to Desperate Housewives huh? I just hope the storyline is just as good or else it would be a great waste for collaborating this ladies. We just have to wait and see. This is an amazing cast ok!

Izzue Islam in Maskara???
Our academy is sponsoring the drama so by saying sponsoring, that means that the actress are expected to wear Premium Beautiful throughout the drama. Premium Beautiful is capable of correcting and aligning your posture. Jadi bila pakai PB nih, you akan duduk tegak jer, bahu pon tegak jer mcm Queen of England gituh. Ok, posture dah tegak cantik dah, shape badan mcm mana pulak? Haaa... Pakai PB nih shape you akan lagi girly gituh.. Pinggang makin ramping, punggung terangkat cantik, peha slim cantik dan dada pon kemas jer; lemak-lemak manja anda akan menyorok. Nak hilangkan pon boleh; ader tips nyer.

So jangan lupa untuk tonton Maskara gandingan mantap Nasha Aziz, Lisa Surihani, Adrea Abdullah and Anzalna. You boleh lihat sendiri mcm mana Premium Beautiful mencantikkan lagi tubuh badan mereka (walaupon mmg diorg dh cantik kan)

 Setiap Khamis - Jam 10.00pm - TV1

Kalau terlepas, anda boleh layan di tonton ok.. Jangan nanges eh tak dapat tgk Ijue

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