Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Piya's 1st Vadey~

Do you know what is vadey? It's like an Indian doughnut only that when it is related to Indian, you may expect it to be slightly spicy. The best vadey I've tasted thus far is from Subang Jaya SS15; the stall that is standing solely by the road side along with Rojak and Cendol. The vadeys are packed nicely in a group of 5 whereby the packaging costs RM2.50 so each vadey is 50 cents. Sangaaaaat laaa sedaaaap ok!

As I was munching the vadey right in front of her, you would have expected that she wanted some too. I thought that she might twinge an eye for the spiciness but she turned out to be fine and ok with it. 

"mmmmm... Sedaaaaap... Nak agi..." and we ended up berebut makan vadey sebab ader 5 jer..

 Sabor jer laaaa... It turned out that she loves the vadey... I think she ate 2.5 kot... Berebut with me...Either way, I was a happy to eat some even though berebut dengan Piya...

Minimal makeup; facial cream, compact powder and eyeliner.. Minum BBplus jer yea..

Thank you for reading yea..!

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