Friday, April 26, 2013

Piya fonds wearing headscarves

Morning Friday people...! I love Fridays. I'm prone to have this devout feeling when it draws to Friday and more often than not, Friday makes you feel more adherent to Him. Alhamdulillah. Piya just turned 1y 11m and her 2yo birthday is just around the corner. I'm crossing fingers that my plans for this year would be agreeable unlike last year. Will write about that when we reach the bridge yea. 

As today is Friday, I just want to share a new trait of interest about Piya and it is pertaining to headscarves. Every time we're ready to go out, I would go to the bathroom  to doll up and wrap my hijab. I prefer the bathroom as it has a big mirror with a down light above it. So while minding my own business, Piya would grab that red bangku, place it next to me and stand on it to see what I'm doing. Her eyes would me levelling the basin just enough to see what I'm grabbing and applying. Normally she would just stare and meddling with my brooches but today shows a little more progress. (Oh btw, she wakes up at 6.30 am and even bathe before I send her off to school). Today, (while I was getting ready) she put out her palm requesting some of my facial cream and rub them on her forehead.  Then she pick up my compact powder which she calls poo-poo-poo along with her gesture of mimicking me powdering my face. Lastly, she went into the room and return holding one of my shawls; "Nak akaaaaai..."

So today, Piya went to school with a white forehead, powdered cheeks and looks dapper in her headscarf. Hahahaa.... The teacher really had a good laugh this morning upon welcoming her. That still doesn't include her fondness and ability to walk in my high heels. I didn't capture her attire today but here's some pictures of her wearing my shawls in previous occasions. Thankfully Uncle Din and the grandparents approved her fashion in a headscarf. My parents scolded me once when Piya wore my instant hijab (the one with a hard awning) saying that she looks terrible. Luckily I have tons of shawls and style her in a Marilyn / Audrey manner. Hehehee....  

 This was her very 1st attempt and we only went to a clinic.
  This was one of our casual outing.

And this is the Mama; I reckon parents do lead by example huh.


Thank you for reading and do become a good example to your children


  1. auww! so cuteee! i imagine her walking with a mini handbag siap!

    1. hye dear... thought of that too as she always carry her playschool bag as if she is flaunting an LV handbag...sabor jer laa..

      oooh! at least takyah risau bila balik kelantan anak saya pakai shawl... stylo sikit dr tudung awning tuh.... heheehe