Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Salam people..

Yeaah, I know. I haven't write anything in such a while. Heheheeee. I'm engrossed with a lot of stuff lately hence the hiatus in updating this not-so-glory blog of mine. Anyhoo, how was your Mother's Day peeps? Was it fun this year? Mine was ok -laaaah.. Thought that last year was more fun though as Piya got balloons and a sticker while I received flowers (free ok) as we passes by in front of retails. This year? Nothing. Sian Piya. 

Before I move along, I would like to clear something off my chest; they shared in Facebook that according to Ustaz Azhar Idrus, celebrating Mother's Day is HARAM and misguiding you from the true path of Islam. What? C'mon people.... Mother's Day is not like Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day has an ancient history in related with St Valentino while Mother's Day is just a notion started by an American whereby she is asking people to appreciate your mothers. So what is the big of deal about that? So I do hope the dude that spread the notion (as if it came from Ustaz Azhar Idrus) has done his ground works and got strong justification man.

For me, Mother's Day is as simple as this:-

Hadis sahih yang diriwayatkan oleh Bukhari dan Muslim yang mafhumnya: Ada seorang lelaki datang bertemu Rasulullah s.a.w., lalu bertanya:

Wahai Rasulullah, siapakah orang yang paling berhak untuk aku hormati?
Baginda menjawab: Ibumu.
Lelaki itu kembali bertanya : Kemudian siapa?
Nabi menjawab: Ibumu.
Lelaki itu terus bertanya : Kemudian siapa?
Nabi menjawab lagi : Ibumu.
Sekali lagi lelaki itu bertanya: Kemudian siapa lagi?
Nabi menjawab pula: Kemudian bapamu.

See? We should appreciate our mothers every day but then again there is no harm in celebrating her just for a day. At least that is what I think. So this year, Uncle Din celebrated me (after I demanded my rights as a mother to his child) with a simple lunch and outing. Later, my brother and I bought a cake for our mom and surprised her upon her return from a wedding reception. I truly believe everyone has their own story of loving their mom. I wouldn't bore you with mine, I just wanna say that she is truly the most beautiful woman I've ever known in my life. 

Happy Mother's Day to all moms.

2013-05-11 (Dinner)

 2013-05-12 (Lunch)

Piya was fooling around with me; she wanted to feed me ice-cream but as I draw nearer, she pulled the spoon away and began laughing histerically. Sabor jer laaaa... Other tables turned their heads glancing at us because her laugher was really hilarious!

And finally we celebrated Mama at home by Baba's side. I looked like the house's Maid or Au Pair ok....

There you go.... I look terrible.. Damn..

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