Friday, June 21, 2013

Masjlis Perkahwinan Izzue Islam

Delay delay delay.. My bad.. but work does seem to catch up a lot with me hence the hiatus in commemorating some trails of event.

Ok, earlier this month we attended two weddings; one was a colleague of Uncle Din and the other was well.. Izzue Islam. My in-laws could not attend his wedding as they were here the week before hence it was just too much for their aged body to handle. For this reason, we were asked to represent them and I was soooo willingly happy to do the honors. Hahaha...

 The Invitation card

Us at the 1st wedding reception of a friend

Pok Jue tied the knot on June 2, 2013 with his manager; Awin Nurin. Yesssss, she is more 'mature' than him but then again these are all just part parcel of Allah's plan for His beings. Che Ta nak kawin dengan Zain Saidin rilek jer, so chill la ok.. :) We arrived kinda late though around 2pm and Ijue was already at the high table looking dapper in white. The couple was solemnized earlier on at 9.00 am and was celebrated later on in the afternoon. Most of the imperative family members from Kelantan were there especially his grandma (Mek) and his dad. You see, his mother (CikDah) raised Ijue and his elder brother as a single mother so it is a truly a great day when his dad could make it. The family members were clad in brown while we were in blue as mentioned in the invitation card! Pfffsst... Hence the same old ugly royal blue dress that I've worn so many times. I would have looked suave in my brown dress. Haiyaaaa..

 Would you believe it that I sacrifice my meal due to overwhelming adrenalin rush? I know, shame on me. But I thrilled to meet the Forteen and some other celebs for the 1st time! Especially Forteen. I really thought that the band was just another boy band in the scene whereby all they do is pose handsomely like some Dashing advertisement and sing awfully. Indeed, I was wrong. The group is truly a bunch of talented lads with great features. I was mesmerized watching them performing live as their harmonize performance was truly breathtaking. I'm too old for this though. Boyband years are behind me already.


With Forteen *melt*


Dahsyat kan pelamin die? Sampai siling.. kelas kau Mak Jah!

 Ok jugak laaa wedding si ijue nih.. Ingatkan akan huru-hara dengan limpahan peminat ke ape, tapi takde. Maybe sebab ijue tak announce venue reception die kot. Dewan tuh 2 tingkat and nak naik bukan senang; ader brader nih jaga oo. Kami pon kata laaa kami family baru dpt naik. Boleh tahan juga die tapis org nak naik. Sampai2 kat atas rasa kagum tgk kecantikan pelamin die. Sampai ke siling kot bunga-bunga sakura die. Tema pelamin putih. That is truly the best theme. Tak ramai artis yg datang, maybe Ijue ajak yg rapat dengan die or sume dh bz dgn jemputan masing2. Artis yg saya jumpa Lisa & Yusri, Bento & wife (Bento bukan makanan jepun tuh ke???), Adi Putra & wife, Afiq Muiz & Eina and Rosyam Nor. Adik beradik KRU pon ader tapi saya tak minat. How were they? Well, things are better left unsaid. Some were truly nice while some were truly annoying & snobbish. Xmo minat dah kat awok! *tongue



"Sayang, nape you duduk? I diri sorang2..??"
"Dah Ijue ajak.. xkan nak tolak? Sorry, cannot resist.. Hahhaaa.."

Dan inilah yang kami dapat sebagai door gift. Nak bukak pon sayang tau so door gift ini masih berbalut cantik lagi tanpa disentuh.

Syukur alhamdulillah adik Ijue dah selamat mendirikan rumah tangga.. Kak Dora dan Abe jue doakan yang terbaik buat awak.. Ramai peminat (termasuk saya) keciwa awak dah kawen... dat's normal... hehehee.... InsyaAllah dapat jumpa lagi masa Raya tahun ini..



  1. ..wah.. bestnyerr..
    ..nnt sampaikan salam untuk abg izzue ye..

  2. Salam dear,

    You're younger than him? mak aaaai... inshaAllah kalu jumpa lagi saya bgtau die yea.. :)