Monday, June 24, 2013

GetGorgeous 6th Anniversary

GetGorgeous Boutique has a special place in my heart. The owner spotted me while we were doing some fancy business profile photo shoot and later on she offered me to be one of her models. I am forever indebted to her for giving me such an opportunity albeit mere pittance.

Some of the photos representing the boutique

The boutique has exist in abundance for 6 years and June 2013 marks their 6th anniversary. For this reason the humble owners; sibling Azlia Idha and Allia Idha like any other boutiques held a Majlis Kesyukuran to commemorate the profound notion. I was truly moved when Kak Lia texted me to extend an invitation to her function. She has been supportive of my modeling career (modeling laaa sgt!) so I would do anything to return the favor. 

CPIC Azlia Idha
The humble sisters; Allia Idha & Azlia Idha

It took me awhile to figure out whom should I bring to the function as I need someone who is keen on on stuff like this. Someone who would appreciate my invitation and wouldn't complain if things turn out wrong against all odds. Thankfully, I have this makcik around.


Meet my high school buddie; Hana Ibrahim. She's fickle minded and has a care-free spirit.

As both of us are mothers, we need to make sure that things were settle at home prior to have a now-is-my-fun-time-without-kids. So of course, we arrived kinda late around 2.30pm I think. We stumble upon most of my acquaintances who were leaving the boutique so I thought things would turned plain for us. On the contrary, we were just at the nick of time to join and listen one styling session on how to wear the hijab creatively. Hoyeaaaaaa..! Then the next hour was a session with a male CPIC (Certified Professional Image Consultant) & former entertainer Farah Asyikin. Farah Asyikin just embraced the hijab and she shared her journey towards being a true muslimah. She's very pretty indeed. 

Konon focus mendengar CPIC Mas menggayakan tudung

Farah Asyikin manis bertudung kan?
 After all that was done, Hana and I were equally excited on the sale items. I grabbed a skirt that I've been eyeing on for months while Hana took home a tweed jacket, palazo pants and twiggy top. Total damage? Around Rm450++... hamek kau...!

My corner * Muka bangga... (-__-)!

My green silky skirt from GetGorgeous!!!

 The simple anniversary was truly fun though. The crowd was more than expected hence it became kinda stuffy. The food was too good so we only managed to focus on the candy buffet. Why must you serve marshmallow with the glazy chocolate fountain?? We were so addicted to it and it has spoiled my diet..! aaaaaaaaaaa... 

I don't know how long would the boutique maintained me as their model but hey, the boutique will always have my support. Syukur alhamdulillah..

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