Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Menangani Morning Sickness Dengan BVSM

Morning sickness.. Tell me about it.. Mine was very bad.. I can totally relate to those who suffered severe / extreme morning sickness..

Look familiar?
Bangun pagi → gosok gigi → muntah..kuar muntah kuning yg pahit tuh sampai semput2.
Makan sarapan → muntah.. x boleh bau nasi.. bau lauk.. tengok nasi pon muntah..
Lunch time → muntah.. pening bau makanan bungkus.. makan jer laa biskut.. minum air putih pon muntah.
Dinner → muntah.. terlantar.. pening.. loya.. merangkak pergi tandas & muntah kat toilet bowl..

And the vicious cycle goes on and on with no sight of concluding. Terlantar dan lemah.. Nanges tak abes2... Morning sickness is one of the worst partisan of pregnancy.. The bathroom definitely becomes your best friend. I used to place my face on the toilet seat due to exhaustion and fell asleep right there. Husband was not so useless either; nothing helps and he only ended up being scolded. The only way I calmed myself is by counting my blessing for motivation as morning sickness is a sign that the baby is doing fine..

Now, what is the best solution deemed fit to reduce or counter the morning sickness? Rest and sleep. But the question is; can you sleep? Hehehehe.... *sigh... mengeluh lagi... I reckon that you have not heard of Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM), no? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

BVSM is a sleeping mat that may help you to reduce or perhaps counter your morning sickness. Here is a story of one customer from ATM 181:-

Puan Muzni is currently carrying her 5th child. According to her, she never fails to endure extreme morning sickness throughout all pregnancies. In other words, morning sickness exists as an integral part of her journey. That bad huh. It was quite a coincidence when one of our leaders; Kak Dah came over to her house to share some information on the new hot product BVSM. Kak Dah felt so bad for and empathized Puan Muzni as she looked awful. Puan Muzni was utterly in a dire need of health & strength. So Kak Dah did the unexpected gesture; she loan 1 set of BVSM to Puan Muzni just for a few days for the poor lady to regain her strength and then Kak Dah went home. 

2 days after her visit to Puan Muzni's house, Kak Dah received a call from her. Normally preggers under such circumstances are prone to be admitted as they are no longer ambulant. For that reason, Kak Dah surmised that the call was in regard her admittance. On the contrary, Puan Muzni sounded perky and buoyant! She told Kak Dah that she blanket herself with the BVSM and much to her surprise, the vomiting eventually petered out. The following day she regain her appetite and she feels much better. She never felt this good during any of her pregnancies. Without delaying another day, Puan Muzni told Kak Dah that she wants to purchase the BVSM as it became too dear to part ways.

Not only did Puan Muzni bought one, she even bought another 2 set for her family. So you see, a random act of kindness always leaves a lasting imprint in the hearts of those on the receiving end.

Sayang diri yang mabuk teruk → beli BVSM

Sayang isteri yang mabuk teruk → beli BVSM

Sayang kawan yang mabuk teruk → beli BVSM

Bukan mahal pon : RM1,288.00 SAHAJA. If you can afford to buy Blackberry, Samsung Tab, iPhone whatnot, then don't bluff you can't afford to buy BVSM yea..

Contact me if you wanna have a closer look on BVSM.

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