Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Ugly Duckling - Kulit Gelap - BBplus Collagen

How well do you remember your adolescences years? Was it a great one? Were you one of the popular clan with a biatch attitude? Were you a recluse book worm who enjoys own companion? Or were you one of the mediocre girl with a repertoire of friends where friendship knows no status or strata? For me, I was categorized as a plain ugly mediocre girl but thankfully I do make friends with everybody. An adamant stance indeed.

Physically I look awful. I was very dark (orang kita panggil karat), very thin and too tall for others. My parents never taught me to doll up hence the smeared appearance at all times. They seem to taken lightly of my attire (in other words; don't care). I remember clearly my very 1st birthday bash invitation back in 1996 when I was only 12. This dude (he is now a recording artist) invited the class so I was invited too. The problem is in my class, there were only a few of Malay girls and they were the popular ones. I can remember clearly the night before the party took place, I was crying washing my smeared Polo shirt (ooooh... Baba never bought nice tops, only polo shirts) and tried so hard to dry it. That was my best top even though it has spots of paints. I did wore it the next day and as expected, I sat alone as I was too ugly to be friends with. 

When I was 14 (1998) with my bff
High school was tough; I was neither here nor there. I was in the top classes but no one wants to be my friend. Only a few girls were truly kind willing to be my friends without judging my looks. Boys were extremely mean. They called me hurtful names akin to Indian roots and teased me Tiang Electric. The same dude above hurt me emotionally; my friends and I went to Sunway Piramid (it was a weekly regular outing) and as usual, I did not doll up like others. So I was walking beside this dude trying to engage a conversation. At first I did not notice that he was creating a gap between us while walking until I notice he just moved over the other side so that I would not walk beside him. He did not want to walk beside me. Ashamed perhaps? You don't forget things like that okay...... You just don't....

Culmination of years.. I finally learned to ignore nasty comments and believed true beauty lies within. Confidence derived from a positive circle of friends and I eventually learn how to wear makeup & dress up nicely. My journey started with using Fair & Lovely. Tapi tak fair & tak lovely pon. Then guna Olay tapi wahlaweeeh... xde pape pon... Then opted to use De Wajah tapi mahal giler.... one small day cream (30g kot) RM60.. Kau gile? I can be wrong on the maths but it was something like that.
 Before and after using BBplus Collagen

Pastu long hiatus as I can't seem to decide on a cost worthy product.
Until I began drinking BBplus Collagen. I minum BBplus and much to my surprise, parut2 jerawat hilang, kulit jadi tegang, jadi cerah dan rasa lebih gebu.. Fuyooooooooo... So maintain jer laaa minum BBplus Collagen. My daily skin care? I pakai bende murah je; Safi Rania Gold. Alhamdulillah it turned out to be a great combo.   

My point of this entry: I can relate to those with low self esteem especially when you are constantly teased for your physical. Dalam tv tuh senang jer orang2 cantik kata "Cantik luar tak penting, yang penting cantik dalam".. Yeah right, such advise coming from you? Anyhoo, rather than you continue sulking about life and waiting for a miracle, why don't you get off your a** and do something about it? Good things don't come easily. You need to earn them.

Nak confident? Ader cara. Nak cantik? Ader cara. Nak sihat? Ader cara. 
Nak jadi muslimah sejati pon ader cara.

Thank you for reading.

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