Wednesday, July 03, 2013

BBQ Land Section 28 Shah Alam

Of recent late, Uncle Din and I have been craving for Steamboat & BBQ for dinner. Little did we know that our favorite spot; Island BBQ & Steamboat Kampung Melayu Subang closes every Monday. Normally I would not be that bothered but coincidentally I was fasting that day (training myself to adapt the regime every Monday & Thursday) hence when Uncle Din insisted to have BBQ & Steamboat, I was entirely drawn to the offer. We googled and googled and finally we stumbled upon this restaurant in Section 28, Shah Alam.

I present to you :  

BBQ Land, Section 28, Shah Alam (exactly at Bazaar Rakyat Sec. 28)

We were very delighted that no one was around hence no fret over the crowd. But the repertoire was very limited and not tempting. All they serve is chicken, beef and mere pittance of seafood. Aiyoooo. Even the soup was default to tomyam hence there is no other option. Tapi sebab dah lapar kan, takpe laa. Another thought to ponder prior to dine here (next time) is that the cooking will be done inside a closed restaurant and depending on ventilation fan. Now, there was no one and we were the only one doing the cooking. That alone was enough to make us soaked in our own sweat let alone having the ventilation fan. I wonder how things would be if the restaurant was full house? hmmmmmm.

Bosan laaaaa mama
 Pilihan tak banyak so kitorg dok berulang yang nih jer...

 Pilihan sos pon tak banyak tapi ape pon i masih mampu sediakan diriku Mee Wantan

 Yang penting Piya berselera nak makan dan i akan kenyang

Sedap ke Mama? Jaaaap nak rasa.. Alamak....

Xpe sayang... makan ice-cream

 It is a BBQ & Steamboat buffet and cost RM23/person (around that price)

Do contact this number for reservation : 017-8800627

Here's my verdict: 

Food : 2/5

Ambience : 2/5

Price : 2/5

Food spread : 2/5

Overall rate : OK laaaaa to quench the craving but not recommended with small children.Panas weyh...

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