Thursday, July 04, 2013

Kalumpang Grill & Steamboat Shah Alam

Ok, another story on Grill and steamboat. Hehehehee... This time the entry revolves around Steamboat & BBQ Kalumpang, Seksyen 7 Pusat Komersial Shah Alam. These are the familiar landmarks to find your way:

- Nasi Arab D'Arab Cafe at Unisel

- Kedai Mamak Rafi Lama

- Lontong Klang yang sedap giler tuh

If you know these places then you will find your way. The corner lot restaurant is actually adjacent to Kedai Mamak Rafi Lama but do googled before you embark your journey. Okay, the restaurant is spacious with the tables arranged in a school canteen manner. The wet items are myriad arranged nicely at one corner. Hence I would highly recommend you to find a spot near the food spread. Thankfully this restaurant offers a great number of choices and what makes them differ than others, they do have racks of keropok and kerepek! Funny. In fact, if your kid detest Malay food, you can serve them with milk and cereals.
From their website
 My version

Tempat die memang menarik dan selamat untuk kanak2. See? Piya sibuk rayau2 sebab tempat nih luas dan masa nih org belum ramai lagi.

Pilihan noodle die mmg best! Siap ader mcm2 jenis pasta ok. Pasta mahal tau. Seafood die pon best siap ader ketam dan ikan keli. (it was so funny that the UiTM girls thought the fish meat was ikan belut). 

Makanan berat ader jugak; nasi goreng, nasi putih, mee goreng, bubur nasi and even bubur kacang (bubur kacang bukan makanan berat tapi nak mention jugak).
I havent seen you in ages! Aiskrim Malaysia!!

Serious sedaaaaaaap! Sini boleh pilih samada nak kuah sup or kuah tomyam.

 Piya makan bubur nasi dan die nak makan sendiri...

 Pastu die kebosanan and layan cartoons.. Oh anak!

Price is RM25/person tapi skrg promo RM20 jer adult. Kanak2 RM10 yea. Buka from 12pm ~ 12am.

Boleh contact kedai kat nombor ini : 03-55109145 

 So here is my verdict :

Food : 5/5

Ambience : 3/5

Price: 5/5

Food Spread : 5/5

I rated the ambience slightly lower because there are so many UiTM students having steamboat dinner here. Banyak betol duit korang yea. They're noisy, perennial hungry zombies on the loose and put themselves first before others. Actually these complies to any varsity students. Ko sah2 laaa nampak aku tengah dukung anak nak amek air, ko nak jugak potong depan aku.  Makan ice-cream sampai habes dua tub, minum air sampai habes kering kontang. Pastu kitorg dan customers lain congok jer tak minum dan tak dapat ice-cream. In fact, while we were settling our payment at the cashier counter, I really loosed my temper and gave some "words of wisdom" to cashier girl.

Apart from that, I would definitely recommend this place to Grill and Steamboat lovers. Reservation is recommended and do ask beforehand if there is any UiTM students gathering to dine in peace and serenity.  

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