Friday, December 21, 2012

Maimoon & Hayfa Marissa

A good colleague of mine in particular Maisarah Mohamed Taib whom I prefer to call her as Maimoon has delivered her 3rd baby girl on Nov 19, 2012. I think it has been 1 month since her confinement period but I never got the time to visit her though until today. She already had 2 girls prior to that so the 3rd delivery was much at ease. She didn’t even have to endure any episiotomy whereby the healing is very painful and time consuming. (ngilu…..)

So today happened to be a great opportunity to visit Maimoon and baby Hayfa  at their beautiful home in Putra Heights. I present to you baby Hayfa Marissa!! 

She detest unannounced guests so early notification was made compulsory. But this is what happened when she was informed in advance; she went through the hustle to cook and prepare delicious food for lunch. My goodness… But I must say her cooking is definitely finger licking good. I even had a 2nd round on the spaghetti (I loveeeeeee spaghetti yea)… Thank you for reading my mind Maimoon. But but but…. I wasn’t the only one who was extremely in great hunger. In fact, all of us were very hungry that we could eat a horse...We all sat and dine quietly appreciating every moment of digesting the delicious foods. Nyum nyum.. 

Maimoon told me that she is a loyal consumer of Premium Beautiful whereby this shall be her very first choice for every post delivery. According to her (I quote) PB is much easier to be worn, to move and much more comfortable to be in than the traditional corset. Besides, Premium Beautiful’s grip is much tighter and firmer because the conventional corset has high tendency to loosen as you are only anchored by knots.
Usually normal delivery would require easily 2 weeks of leadtime before you can slip on the corset subject to recovery. But for Maimoon, she started wearing PB on the 4th day as she doesn’t have the episiotomy stitches. Good tip yea?

Congratulations dear on your beautiful baby girl! Orang Kelate kata “haaaaa… baby comey.... boleh laaa beranok banyok-banyok”.

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