Thursday, December 20, 2012

Durian Crepe yang sedaaaap~

Ok, currently the hottest delicacy in town is none other than Durian Crepe. I’ve been wondering the right way of pronouncing it as it is so obfuscation to begin with. The word origins from France whereby both spelling and sound seems right (I’m confused……) but I think the best resort is to check with my brother; Zeffi as he speaks fluent French.

Crêpe : kreip

Crepe : krɛp

Basically it has been around for some time whereby you have been seeing it in other forms such as Mille Crepe, Tuna Crepe, Chocolate Crepe, Vegan, Fruits or even stack it up nicely and be called Crepe Cake. So this dude is not a new phenomenon but what makes me feel so proud of this Durian Crepe is that out of all the savories that Malaysian love to imitate from France, this is the only one that has Malaysia’s thumb print written all over it. We should recognize who ever started this brilliant idea to improvise crepe's recipe and making it Malaysian by adding a touch of durian.   

  Aku dah lama femes weyh...

 To be frank with you, there is nothing special about Durian Crepe. The crepe basically tastes like the thinnest pancake that you can ever meet and it is a bit… Mcm Kuih Ketayap jer kot….. While the filling is just a concoction of whipped cream and mashed durian. Throw them together and you have successfully assembled a Durian Crepe. It does taste nice though. 

I am neither a sous-chef nor a baking person so if you are interested to know the steps to make this Durian Crepe, check it out at Cik Epal’s blog. She has provided a thorough instruction on making this Durian Crepe.

Go to Cik Epal yea. TQ adik comel~
Apparently one of my colleagues does take orders on behalf of her cousin so of course I made the 1st attempt by placing orders aaaaaand it is here in the office today! Most of us here ordered from her too so the vicinity is currently filled with durian’s stinky aroma. Busuuuuuuuk weyh….. 

1 box consist of 6 pieces cost RM10.00.

 Makan laaa dengan tutup hidung jika tak tahan… Or makan slow motion like I did….


  1. sedap kan? i likee it too..
    but mcm overprice a bit sb still famous/currently trending kot.

    i vote for durian crepe.or ever it is pronouced pun! ;)

  2. Memang sedap... tapi you are right, it is overprice.. i bought a lot for my parents to give their comments. My dad who is an expert on desserts said that the cost for each crepe sgt2 murah.... tapi tuh laaa, nak wat renyah... malas... so beli jer laaaa kan...

  3. But the crepe cake really sedap.. Sangat susah nak jmpa kat sini..