Monday, December 24, 2012

Nadzrul Azim Sharuddin.. Al-fatihah...

An epistle of grief – sahabat ku Nadzrul Azim Sharuddin..

People always think that there will always be tomorrow and you still get to see the sun by next morning. People often think that you will only lie to rest on a warm bed when you’re 80 years old and surrounded by family and love ones. People always think that it’s ok not to repent today because you still got time to do so when you’re old. Well, that’s what you think………

A good friend of mine passed away on Dec 22, 2012 and he was only 28 years old. He suffered from lungs infection for quite some time and who would have thought that it was his call to rest in peace. It happened on Saturday and I was scrolling down the newsfeed while resting on bed as I was down with a bad fever. As I glanced through, I stumbled upon an old buddy’s latest status “Takziah untuk sahabatku Azim yang telah kembali ke rahmatullah…”… Subhanallah……. I immediately made a few calls and shattered tears ensued when I learned of the news from Syahimie. I began to contact other mutual friends to vouch the bereavement and unfortunately, my good old friend Azim has indeed exhale his last breathe around 6.00pm at PPUM. I felt morbid……

I’m writing this post because I want to cherish my memories with arwah as much as I can. Arwah has always been nice and kind to me so I truly believe that he must be remembered in grandeur way too. 

Actually, prior to study Electrical Engineering in UiTM Shah Alam, I enrolled in UiTM Sri Iskandar, Perak and took Computer Science commonly known as CS110. I was different from other students and endured difficulties to make friends. Why was I different? Mostly because being a creature of comfort and not liking the notion of residing in campus, I didn’t know how to compromise with boarding life. It was opposed to my upbringing. Attending classes was even worse; I detested every subject (except for Maths, English and Religion) and I was absent-minded for the entire semester. I would trudge to class everyday and began to be a misanthropic person. This is exactly the consequences of forcing your daughter to embrace a course against her will. 

I may have a lot of unpleasant memories about CS110 but one of the best memories I ever had being apart of CS110 was definitely the friendship that ensued. I can still remember clearly that whenever there is a group discussion, my group would consist of Hasanah, Meor Yunus and Azim. They were my strength to attend classes, they were my center of happiness and they were my best buds. Alhamdulilah…

After I changed my course to engineering, I was no longer needed to go all the way to Perak. But, I yearn to meet my old friends. So I made simple arrangements to meet them; I will go to Perak by bus and visit my friends once a month. I may have moved to Shah Alam but Azim, Meor and Hasanah existed as an integral part of my life. How could I ever forget about them? But, eventually I learned of terrible news afterwards. This news caused me to depart from the girls and I chose to remain in touch with Azim and Meor only. With this, I met Shafiran and Iqbal; Azim’s best friends. I will never forget that night where I hang out with these dudes at the new cafeteria and they tricked me in buying a huge glass of orange juice. Yeap, I can still remember that night clearly.

Years gone by and we were still in touch with each other. Arwah lived in Section 19 Shah Alam so things were much easier for us. We casually meet at cafes and I can still remember one date in particular; Azim and I met a Mc Donald Sec.3 Shah Alam when he told me that he will pursue degree in MassComm. We gossiped through the night and even expounded on the details about Yusri and Erra! Azim had this great interest about the entertainment world. Once, he called me and said that he has extra tickets for Akademi Fantasia 3 (where Mawi won) and it was the 3rd week. Azim and our mutual best friend Tariq Iqram Taqiuddin fetch me and we went to the concert together. My goodness…. My very first experience of attending Akademi Fantasia… Sabor jer laaa…

I have so many good memories of Azim……  Raya… Weddings… Gatherings.. Supper… I can still remember his voice, his speech, his gesture, his kindness, his stupid jokes and most of all is his warmth…. Only a few people from CS110 were kind to me and he was one of them…  I am most humble and appreciative of his kindness towards me….. May Allah reward his kindness in Jannah…

Attending a friend's wedding.. That is me standing next to arwah Azim..
Dear Azim, yang pergi tetap pergi….. it’s hard but I must embrace that caprice. As I said, you were one of the nicest CS110 friends that I had ever had and that is significant to mention. Thank you for everything and I’m sorry for not being there recently.. I will remember you in my prayers my dear friend. Random acts of kindness leaves a lasting imprint in the hearts of those on the receiving end……..

Semoga kau menemui ketenangan sahabat ku Azim…….. Al-fatihah…….

Azim Sharuddin: May 9, 1984 ~ Dec 22, 2012 

His work as a columnist pertaining to gadgets in the mass media world



  1. sedih sangat.... baca akak tulis lagi la sedih siap terkeluar air mata nok ... :(

  2. hallo ziad.. we had a lots of great great moments wit him kan :( ..

  3. Sha: akak lagi sedih......... menangis sampai tak lalu mkn teringat kat die........ nyesal tak keep in touch sejak kawen......

  4. Rai.... aku sedih weyh.... he was so so nice... every glimpse of thought about him aches my heart.... we did had a great deal of time... ko bygkn laaa weyh, lepas aku tggalkan CS, brape kerat jer yg keep in touch dgn aku..... i'm still trying to embrace and accept this.... i hope Firan is coping well.... selalunyer bila lepak, azim akan bawak firan and iqbal... kim salam pada Firan yea..