Friday, September 21, 2012

Kak Yati Proton - Kind & Supportive

Assalam and good day,

Another one of my customers flashing her bling bling bracelet.. It is so beautiful that I actually felt remorse for giving that one to her... Should have taken that one and gave her a different bracelet instead.... heheheh...

The kind, supporting and lovely Kak Yati. Always there to hear me pouring my heart out. Giving me profound advices especially in regard with life obstacles... She is a great epitome of women her age because she has high conscious in regard with health and does not mind trying a vast of beauty products. 

Thank you Kak Yati for your undying support... Since she sits just next to me in the office, I would religiously monitor her progress. Alhamdulillah, Kak Yati said that she does feel lighter and experience weight loss. Synonymously, she has been prudent with her food consumption hence that is a major contribution in losing weight.

Keep it up Kak Yati.

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