Monday, September 24, 2012

ATM Idol #2 : CDM Wan Norhanim

Assalam and good day,

Kalu pergi kelas ATM 181, akan ader slot sharing di mana random people will be picked to share some words of wisdom and of course; what they have endured with ATM 181. This time, aku nak luahkan sharing aku di sini... it is none other than my mentor CDM Wan Norhanim.

Ada banyak biz kat luar sana. Serious byk. Tak kesah laaa biz macam mana sekalipon, semua biz perlukan you mencari orang. Kalu dulu aku jual dadih; aku perlu mengharapkan orang utk membeli.. Ader one time tuh, dadih tak abes dijual.... Aku sedih dan ngadu pada Uncle Din... Uncle Din msg "Meh sini... i beli habeskan..."... Masa jual tudung dan baju kanak2; aku promote2 dan mencari org untuk membeli barang-barang aku. Sume biz perlukan you mencari orang....Kalu you niaga kedai makan sekalipon, you masih perlu cari orang supaya die akan dtg makan kedai you... You masih perlukan customer untuk byr bil, nak rolling, byr staff, byr sewa and whatnot. Mostly biz yang surrounding kita perlukan kita cari org.... 

Aku memang tak pandai bab-bab approach orang... Aku mmg tak reti bab-bab nak sembang biz dengan orang.. Tapi mcm mana aku masih mampu dpt beribu sebulan? Kadang2 lg byk dr gaji aku bekerja di Proton? Jawapan nye mudah; Get the right group & MENTOR.... Yessss.... this is very damn vital... How are you suppose to excel if you can't seem to tag along with your mentor? You have to stuck yourself to your mentor to attain her wisdom... To grasp her impertinence.. To LEARN..Would you believe me if I say that my mentor CDM Hanim left her steady job as a lecturer to excel in this biz for the past 6 years? 

I've known Kak Hanim way back in 2009 when I was approached with a different product. I did joined but I put things on hold as I got married and conceived. Ditakdirkan Allah SWT, we stumble upon each other again this year 2012 when she approach me whit PB..... After much contemplation, I chose to venture in this biz and Kak Hanim guided me everyday. Furthermore, we live very nearby which make things much more convenient for us... Beronggeng bersama-sama dengan mentor..

She's very subtle................ you know? Senyum sokmo.... Muka pon manis.... Tak penah condemn aku lgsg bila tak close sales... Selalu bg motivation dan bimbingan... Bila jumpa customer yg tegar atau wat aku demotivated, aku tepon je Kak Hanim.... Die akan motivate aku balik....Selalu juga lepak minum sama2 bincang strategi and moving forward... And that is vital..... A mentor that is so akin to a sister... Kak Hanim buat biz nih full time... Br awal 30-an tapi earns not less than RM50k a month... Dh pakai Mercedes, dh ader rumah di Denai Alam.... Mampu hantar anak2 play school yang mahal.... Bila jumpa anak dara yg sulong berusia 6 thn, she speaks in English.... Biz masih buat tapi sempat lagi hantar anak amek from school, from tuition and bwk jenjalan shopping.... Best betol......

Basically my salient point is any biz requires you to find people to sell your product / service... But not all biz gives you the opportunity to be guided by a mentor... And finding the right mentor is pivotal to instil constructive virtues.InsyaAllah I will excel under her wings... InsyaAllah I will be like her one day; being a leader and having my own huge team...

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