Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Piya @ 16 months

I’ve been quite occupied these days. I mean, I’ve been very occupied. It is very norm that my weekends are now filled with appointments and classes. So I guess it is not a big question mark when Uncle Din said he misses going out with me and asked me to skip class for once. Well, anyone would succumb to a husband who put on a puppy face.  So we opted to go Shah Alam Mall in Section 9 for brunch and shop a few things for myself.

It was simply a dire need of change once in a while. Besides, I surmised I need to recoup for my perennial absence. So I thought of having a nice quite meal together albeit in mere pittance. At least that was what I thought.

Piya has her own mind now. She knows her desire and recognizes what she dislikes. I thought it would be easy to communicate with toddlers who have reached this stage. Apparently I was wrong. Feeding her has been quite challenging now. For instance, even though I’ve placed her in a high chair safe & sound; that would not vouch that she would be quiet & obedient sitting all by herself. It is a far cry actually. She would display her exasperation by throwing foods around, knocking the table with whatever is in her small grips, singing loudly and her latest traits would be “na naaaaak” (tak nak) when I tried to feed her….. adddddoi……Well, for palpable reasons of course. She was attracting our attention and hope that we would give in and walk her around.. Fervent hope... We just ignore her and 'pretend' that we are enjoying our meal in peace.

Thankfully I just bought Uncle Din a small gift; Samsung Tablet 7.0 that cost me a freaking RM1500++. So this little friend of ours turned out to be our savior as Piya would be so distracted watching her cartoons, Alif Baa Taa & her latest addiction; One Direction. Anak ku minat One Direction ok......... Terkejut i tau.......

As we reach home, apparently her energy did not peter out. She was still a fully charged energizer bunny who would run all over the place with a vast of ingenious ideas turning things into her own imagination. Subhanllah, my daughter is so active and creative that sometimes it does test my sanity. But mommy is creative too... I put her in this cage while I went to the restroom. She seemed happy playing in this cheap playhouse. Then she got bored... again... and start chasing the cats... then only God knows what they talked about..


Anyhoooo, I still have a loooong journey embracing my Terrible Two.... Just bare with it kan.... Sabor jer laaaaaa.....


  1. In the cage?? Hahaha... LoL
    piya so cute main dgn kucing itam tue... Kalau syabil tgk mesti dia kata Abg Tam

  2. Abil: Cik Su, pipi Piya tembam tan?
    Cik Su: A'ah, tembam...abil, Piya comel tak?
    Abil: comel... mcm Abg Tam...
    Cik Su: Huuuuh? (did he just compared Piya to an obese cat?)