Sunday, September 30, 2012

Premium Beautiful Corset

Premium Beautiful Corset

EASY to wear
 WORKS effortlessly
NO diet - NO slimming drink - NO starvation
JUST wear for 8 hours to see magical results in just few weeks

Price is subject to size
Cash / Credit Card / Installment plans
Contact me for FREE Fitting (this is vital to get that feeeeeel of how good is this corset)

DORA : 012-2920150 /

Kak Lin (leader di ATM 181) seorang ibu kepada 3 orang anak 


  1. salam ziad...senyap2 dh jd businesswoman plk..bagus la...insyallah, nanti i rekemenkan kt kawan2 if ada yg minat dgn pb ni....i know one day u pn bleh jd cdm, kenal sgt u cmne since kt u lg, sgt confident =).. anyway, all the best...

    jgn lupe singgah,

  2. W'salam,

    i have visited your blog but you sound so mysterious.. I can't trace your actual name & photo... you've known me since UiTM? I do hope we were frens back then...

    TQ for your kind words & thoughts... Alhamdulillah, Allah has guided me by so many coincidences preceding venturing this biz.. My life has change so now i want to help to others who are willing to change..

    InsyaAllah, one day we will meet again know my number, do contact me yea...