Monday, October 01, 2012

Anak Pembawa Rezeki

Hello peeps……..

Last Friday my babysitter was on Emergency Leave due health purposes. I was contemplating to take a leave anyway because apparently Friday will be the 3rd day of the week where my mentor CDM Wan Norhanim / Kak Anim spent the entire day (morning until night) focusing on my biz partners. I am sooooo thankful that I am under her wings. So without much hesitation, I did take a leave on Friday and surprise surprise! I brought Piya along to all my appointments.

I really thought that I would endure many difficulties when I brought Piya along such as her fussiness, the fear she might detest to sit down quietly and her refusal to stay rigid at one place for quite some time. Apparently I was wrong. Anak pembawa rezeki. Her presence by my side has truly made life easier and somehow or rather she was behaving well.

So we began our day with the 1st appointment at PKNS with a bunch of BSN ladies. I parked my car inside SACC which was much more convenient (I hate the parking space in PKNS) and much to my surprise, I got the best parking spot and it was right next to Kak Anim’s Mercedes. (Rezeki).. Prior to the fitting, we had McD for breakfast and deliberate on our biz strategy for October. These are the beauty of our team ATM 181; constantly sitting down with our mentors and discuss our family tree, discuss on how to flourish our partners and attain more prospects. We don’t work alone all by ourselves.We work as a team!

After we were done with the BSN ladies, we were scheduled to go to Laman Seri Sec. 13 to meet another BSN lady who was very much interested to purchase PB. We were exiting the parking lot when we received a call from her and out of no where; she was on her way to PKNS to meet us. Ait?? What’s with the sudden change of mind? Never mind; life became easier for us…. (Rezeki).. The thing is, it is hard to find a parking space there at Sec.13 and it won’t be convenient to meet by the pedestrian walk. So I was so glad when she came to PKNS instead. She paid cash pulak tuh....

Subsequently, we drove to Putrajaya to meet one of my biz partner's husband. We kinda keep reminding them to settle the fund a few days earlier as Friday was our last day for closing. Much to our surprise, he handed over a stack of cash into our hands. He said the transfer might be time consuming so he gave us cash instead.. OMG… I’ve never seen so much money right in front of me in my entire life. Then Kak hanim said to me “This maybe new to you but you’ll get use to it. You’ll be dealing with other great deals of money when you venture in this biz.”. Again; (Rezeki)..

So of course our tummies began to sing melancholy songs begging to embrace food, Kak Anim brought us to the Food Court Precinct 16 which was just around the corner. I can remember her remark “susah nak dapat parking sini especially time orang dh abes solat..” .. Tup Tup… A car suddenly reversed from the parking spot which was nearest to the entrance. Wow…. (Rezeki)..  Piya and I shared Nasi Ayam which was very cheap; RM4.50… ok laaa kan?

Then finally we head off to USJ 9; our ATM181. The final destination of the day. I hate finding a parking spot there because it is always packed and people double park on both sides of the road. But….. Kak Hanim found a parking spot right in front of the shop! Whaaaat? Biar betol… (Rezeki).. As we enter, Piya was still sleeping soundly so I placed her nicely on the sofa. Our stockiest was alone so that means we were early. So both Kak Anim and I sat over the cashier counter to close all the sales that we’ve attained this month and it’s crazy! It took us a freaking 2 hours just to close all the sales… Several people came in and had to queue for their turn. Wow……. Sib baik xde orang ahead of us… (Rezeki)..

And last but not least…. I finally climbed another notch after doing this biz for 3 months only. Now that is what I call REZEKI….. Syukur Alhamdulillaaaaaah....


  1. i agree with anak bwk rezeki.usually bila bwk the boys..ada je rezeki yg murah dpn mata.parking space esp!~ :)

  2. Kaaaaaan? byk urusan yang dimudahkan.... ini yg semangat nk bwk piya ikut mama selalu nih