Tuesday, October 02, 2012


My every Friday afternoon break has never been the same since I joined this biz. Usually I would spend the afternoon with my colleagues for mouth-watering meals as the grace time is longer than usual. This has been my norm afternoon for the past 2.5 years with Proton. 

But today my Friday afternoon hasn’t been the same since I opted to venture in this biz. More often than not, I fill my Friday’s break with appointments or lunches with my biz partners. And I love it. I love to mingle with them and get to know them better. My dictum is simple; you must have that chemistry connection in order for you to work together; a positive vibe and healthy rapport towards constructive teamwork. 

So this is just one of my afternoon lunches with my BSN girls from PKNS. They suggested dining at ASIARI SACC, Shah Alam… I haven’t tried the place before so I surmised this would be good.. Looks good though. 

Ambiance :  OK
Interior Deco : OK
Service : OK
Food Presentation : True imitation of their menu. Well done.
Taste : Sedaaaaaap!
Price : Errrrr..... Pricey than usual... SACC maaaa
Credit T&C : No splitting the bill.. I hate this notion.. it's stupid..

The drinks
Wantan yang sangat kecil, hanya 6 biji dan mahal...
Petite amoi with her Curry Mee
Seafood Fried Noodle
Seafood Kuey Teow
Nasi Goreng Ayam
Chicken Chop
My sweet Sharifah Hidayah who has lost 4kg in just 3 weeks

 The beauty of ATM 181; mixing work with leisure... And then enjoy the bonus together. :) Contact me if you have that glimpse of interest to join our team.

DORA : 012-2920150 / ziadori@hotmail.com

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