Thursday, September 20, 2012

Syafia Kelantan : Customer became friends

I’m feeling rather happy these days. My strainy days over financial issues have taken a softer line. Domestic communication has become more constructive too after I ‘bribe’ him with a Samsung Tab 7.0 that cost me RM1,500++… Sabor jer laaa…. I’m feeling calmer & content as my vicinity is now surrounded by highly motivated people. These people are none other than my mentors at the academy where they have instilled new traits of behavior and inculcate the notion of how simple life can be if we work hard for it. Syukur Alhamdulillah…..

Presenting a preposition to strangers was never easy for me as I neither have a vast knowledge in business nor half of it. But He works in wondrous ways that are always beyond our expectation. Alhamdulillah, He has made my journey very pleasant and helps to navigate the treacherous waters in business life. There is reason why I’m pouring my heart out on this.    

I can still remember that it was on Saturday and I was at my SIL’s house in Sepang. Maa & Abah came all the way from Kelantan to visit Uncle Din who had just stumbled upon with an accident that left him OKU for awhile. It was the fasting month and believe me I was so exhausted. I received a text message from a prospect (potential customer) the night before and I was actually stunned to discover that she is from Kelantan. The 1st thing that came to my mind was “How on earth someone from Kelantan could find me pertaining to PB…?”. 

Our conversation became more intensify during my stay in Sepang and this is the part where things got pretty interesting:-

Dora: Sya Kelantan kat mana yea? Nanti saya balik Kelantan masa Raya, saya boleh dtg umah fitting sya
Sya: Sya Kelantan kat Kota Bharu
Dora: Owwwh.. Kg suami pon Kota Bharu. Die Kg Badok Mati
Sya: Saya kat Peringat.. Dah dekat laa tuh kak..
Dora: (ait…?) Dekat benar dah tuh… Ntah2 kenal… Abah saya dulu cikgu skolah tapi dh pencen.
Sya: Ayah saya pon cikgu jugak… orang panggil Cikgu Kedai Lalat
Dora: (ait…? Kedai Lalat…???) Abah saya Cikgu Lah… japgi saya Tanya Abah yea…
Sya : Akak, ayah kata die kenal laaaaa Abah… die tengah tepon Abah akak.

Ok.. What happen was that this prospect name Sya initially intended to purchase PB with monthly installment finance by her father; just as per my offer. Then I ask my FIL whether he knew a retired teacher name Cikgu Kedai Lalat. He said yeaaaaah he knows a person with name but what does that have to do with me? Just at the nick of time (as I was about to explain) Abah received a long distance call. I peeked into the ajar door and saw that he was laughing and giggling with his friend. He came straight to me afterwards then ask me:-

Abah: Dora….. mu gapo dio jual baju dale sampe duo ribu?
Dora: Eeeeer…… (how to explain this…… bummer…….)

So this was the beginning of a new friendship with Sya who turned out to purchase PB via full cash settlement. Alhamdulliah….. Her father changed his mind from paying installment to pay full settlement because he has vouched my background prior to financing this PB for his daughter. Subsequently, I did go and see her on Friday (I arrived at Kelantan on Thursday) and brought Abah as a warm companion. It was so lovely to meet Sya and her family. As I did some fitting with Sya in her room, our fathers were reminiscing their glorious days in the living hall. I was so nervous when I spoke to the old man. He may have retired, but his mind is still very much intact and sharp.  

Now who would have thought that a random customer turned out to be close friends with my family huh? Sya is still studying completing a degree in TESL in UiTM Shah Alam. Coincidence? Yessss…. So last night I fetched her for dinner at Pak Li kopitiam and I feel like a proud Mama when I saw how much her figure has changed.  She doesn't know it but it is rather apparent from the previous meeting in Kelantan.


As I mentioned above there, Allah works in wondrous ways. I truly feel blessed as He guided me in this direction in earning more sustenance & making new friends with soooo many people! I’ve learned new things from each person and it’s an experience that I will never forget.

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