Monday, May 21, 2012

Birthday Party Part 1 @ Cik D

Piya has 2 other friends who were born in May 2011. Find more about them here. As each of them has 1 week apart from one and another, we opted to commemorate their birthday on May 18, 2012 Friday. The 3 babies are Aniq, Balqis and Piya. I was supposed to take a half day off instead I had to take an MC as I was down with my mensy pain. Oh bummer…….

I had lunch with Mama Aniq at IOI Mall, Puchong to settle a few things. Mama Aniq bought 2 dozens of donuts from J. CO while I had an appointment to collect the birthday cake. I bought a 1.8kg ice-cream cake from Heaven Premium Cake via Groupon which cost me RM58.00 (originally RM129.90) + RM15 for delivery services (within Puchong only). The flavor was vanilla with ornate topping namely as Tutty Fruitty. The vendor did provide candles and birthday stick but no icebox to retain the cake. The icebox has additional cost so I just bare with the situation. The delivery boy told me the cake would last for another 45 minutes in room temperature so this kinda encourage me to drive quite hastily. 

Heaven Premium Ice-Cream Cake @ RM58.00 only
Once that was done, I drove instantly to the babysitter’s and began with the decoration. And yes, I did all this while enduring vexes of mensy pain. Mama Balqis was on leave too so she care for the babies while I was blowing the balloons. As we were there to lend a hand, Cik D began cooking 2 savories; Spaghetti Bolognese and Mac & Cheese. I had greater plans for the decoration but was impotent to doth the notion. That’s why I hate mensy pain. Once the decoration was done, I bath Piya and head home to fetch Uncle Din. Mama Balqis went home too to fetch her ayah and buy KFC along the way. 

The exhausted event designer
Our special guest of the day was Caca and her mother. You see, Mama Caca has recently quit her job and is staying at home for the time being. For this reason, Caca is longer with her friends and is staying at home with her mother. So it has been awhile since we met them. It was truly wonderful to see both of them again.

Uncle Din and I return around 7.30 pm while some have already arrived on time. Papa Aniq was the earliest to arrive (6.45pm) and MamaZameer arrived around 7.00 pm. Some were late due to work obligation but most importantly Balqis’s family arrived just at the nick of time. We sang the birthday song, blew some candles and attack the food! I was truly in great hunger. The repertoire of foods was simple yet delicious. I am truly a satisfied customer of the ice-cream cake; it has a sponge cake as the base and the cross-section appears to be a vanilla-paddle-pop! Everyone was happy with the cake and it's suitable for the babies too. Cik D cooked Mac & Cheese for the kids but I noticed it was a crowd puller among the parents.

All in all, the birthday occasion was wonderful; great food, great companions and it was lovely to watch the children’s behavior. All of them were driven by adrenalin rush due to all the sweetness around.


It was truly a great celebration. Thank you to all parents that attended the function and great presents for Piya. 


Deepest gratitude to Cik D for hosting the occasion, prepared great foods and only Allah SWT could repay you for all your effort in caring for our children. You have been taking care my baby since she was only 2 months old and i'm truly indebted. You are truly the best babysitter around. 

Love you Cik D