Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby Milestone: Boys vs Girls

When I fetch my daughter yesterday from the babysitter; Cik D, there were only 3 babies around. All the 3 babies (Aniq, Balqis & Piya) are born in the same month. Hence, it is really amusing to observe their milestone.

A very handsome baby boy. I call him Edward Cullen as he’s too fair you can actually see his veins.

Sama Putih kan??
Among the 3, Aniq was the first to have his tooth came out. Poor baby, he endured a series of viral fever as a result of tolerating the tooth. Aniq has high tendency of throwing tantrums when he is frustrated and I notice he’s quite prone to experience some sense of friction. He’s very active and a bit mischievous; he likes to grab mama / papa’s spectacles and pull mama’s hijab too.   

She possesses a very subtle and serene feature. She has those rounded eyes that kinda melt your heart away. Reminds me of Angela Lansbury and Betty Davis.
Angela Lansbury

Betty Davis
 She, on the other hand, was the 1st to spoke among the 3. You have to be prudent while conversing with her presence. Once, I was talking with Cik D on Aniq’s weight. I remember quoting “Aniq..dah tembam..” when suddenly I heard Balqis imitated my speech. Cerdik betol. Balqis nih pulak, byk mulut. Suka kuar bunyi tapi tak lasak. Suka org hug die dan lemah lembut jer.

You know Piya.
Piya and her best friend
Among the 3, she was the 1st to stand at 9 months 2 weeks and her 1st walk was at 9 months 3 weeks. Prior to begin walking, she’s very fond of jumping since she was 4 months old. Penah tak tgk baby suka melompat? Mine does. Die akan lompat-lompat mcm nak tercampak ke siling. Orang yg pegang akan lenguh, die pulak akan ketawa gumbira~. Piya’s behavioral? Selalu tak layan mama bila mama dah sampai.. sedih tau…
Hence, as usual, I would seek for Mr Google’s help in understanding Boy’s vs Girl’s development. It really makes you ponder on the uniqueness of these 3 little tots have. And voila! Here’s what I found from parenting.com:-
01 - They like motion.
Boys prefer to watch mechanical motion over human motion.
Baby boys are more adept at keeping track of moving objects
02 - They've got the moves.
Girls do talk first, but boys are likely to start walking -- and hit all the major motor milestones -- around the same time as girls.
03 - They're more emotional than you think.
There is some evidence that boys tend to be more easily agitated than girls and have a harder time self-soothing. According to one study, even when 6-month-old boys appeared as calm as the girls in the face of frustration, measures of heart rate and breathing suggested that they were actually experiencing greater distress.
04 - They love a crowd.
Boys prefer looking at groups of faces rather than individual ones.
05 - They're (comparatively) fearless.
Boys express fear later than girls, and less often.

01 - They're made to mimic.
As toddlers, girls zoom ahead of boys on imitative behaviors such as pretending to take care of a baby but, interestingly, are no different from little guys when it comes to pretending to drive a car or water the plants, actions that are much less about human interaction.
02 - They're good with their hands.
Infant girls exceed boys when it comes to fine motor tasks, a head start that will stick with them until preschool. They're faster to manipulate toys; they use eating utensils sooner; and they write sooner and more neatly too.
03 - They may be better listeners.
Shake a rattle and you'll see no difference between newborn girls and boys, but when you talk, the girls will be more likely to become engaged.
04 - They like face time.
Girls are more likely to establish and maintain eye contact, and are attracted to individual faces -- especially women's. They're also more skilled at reading emotional expressions; if shown a frightening face, for example, they'll look at Mom or get distressed, but they'll be fine if they see a happy one. Boys take longer to notice the difference, according to a meta-analysis of 26 studies on kids' capacity to recognize facial expressions.
04 - They talk sooner.
Girls start using gestures like pointing or waving bye-bye earlier than their brothers.
Girls understand what you're saying before boys do, start speaking earlier (at around 12 months versus 13 to 14 months for boys), and will continue to talk more through the toddler years.

Interesting kan ? :)

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