Thursday, April 19, 2012

To Golek; Aisyah Zafiyyah is 1

I am dedicating this post to my BFF who has always been by my side for the past 18 years; Zamila Aleiya Zahari. And to her husband;  Abg29 who complement her in many ways.  
Dear Golek,
Throughout our pregnancy, we emailed each other everyday (and I do mean everyday) where we would share our concerns, happy moments and even pouring our heart out on marital issues. Even when you were bedridden in Dubai, it overwhelms me being made known that you spent most of the time lying in bed and when given the chance to get up albeit brief, you would check your mailbox; anticipated an email from me. And it doesn’t stop there. We continued texting each other beyond office hours! Do you remember that I even unintentionally doze off (twice) while we were conversing? Thank God you know me so well and did not irk about it.     

It was April 19, 2011; I did not receive any messages from you for the past 24 hours. The long hiatus cause some sense of friction. Devoid. Everything I did was impotent.  Deep down inside I had that inkling surmise that you have been admitted for labor. After spending hours in trepidation, I decided to text Auntie Yah and it sounded like this; “As-salam Aunti Yah..sorry ganggu Auntie, tapi nak Tanya.. Zaya ok ke? Ziadora msg2 die tapi dh 24 jam die tak reply. Die ok ke?”. Auntie Yah also did not reply. I knew immediately that something was amiss.
Around 9.00 pm i received a phone call and your name appeared at the screen. Your simple call ended my misery of anxiety. Your words were simple yet sufficient; “Wantan, aku dah bersalin…. Sorry tak bagitau ko awal2…Tapi ko orang pertama aku telefon nih…”. Even though your voice sounded frail, I know that you were on top of the world. Later after we spoke, I cried in Uncle Din’s embrace. I really wanted to visit you at the hospital but given my condition that time; I was stifle by my 36 weeks pregnancy.
Still texting each other everyday, I finally got the chance to visit you on Saturday accompanied with Uncle Din. And there she was; lying on the bed by your side. She looked so serene. So beautiful. I could hardly believe my eyes. At that point of time, you and Abg29 haven’t decided her name yet. The visit was short as I was about to go to FabulousMom in Puchong scouting for a breastpump.

Later that night, the baby was admitted for having jaundice. Poor baby; but jaundice is a very common ailment among newborns. Both of you were vulnerable but I’m very proud that you were able to endure the painful brunt with great tolerance.    
My dear Golek,
I still could not believe that Aisyah is already 1 year old today (on your 20 months 2 weeks 6 days wedding anniversary). I am certain that both you must be very proud of her. I pray for her well-being, health and sustenance. You may be far away from me residing in Dubai, but you will always be close to my heart.

With LOVE,
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