Thursday, May 17, 2012

Develop an Enthusiast H20

If you are facing issues where your baby detest the notion of drinking plain water, I recommend you to buy her this bottle; it is a Pureen's brand with an embedded straw. It's easy and encourage toddlers to drink plenty of water. The bottle is only around RM17++ (or less subject to which retail you're purchasing) and can contain up to 8oz.

Thanx to this bottle Piya is now drinking 2 bottles (8oz each) of water daily.

I'm wordless today as my mind is so indulge with preparations for tomorrow's birthday party at the babysitter's. In this regard, I just want to share a handful of Piya's facial expression for today's post.


  1. salam..cute anak u bam bam.sori main terjah..i tgh surf cari bbsitter utk anak month nak cukup 2 months.i baru pindah area U9 shah alam.susah betul nak cari bbsitter.and i terjupe blog u.if u dun mind...ur bbsitter still ambik budak lagi ur post seems like she;s a good bbsitter.

  2. w'salam,

    my babysitter is great! at the moment she is caring for 5 toddlers now; all are 1 year old now.. i think it is best if you reach her yourself.. do find her via FB under the name Cik D / Nadiah Jaafar.