Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Part 2 : Big Food @ TTDI Jaya

Upon returning from One Utama, we had a mild rest prior to afternoon tea at Citta Mall, Ara Damansara. Well, that was the initial plan.

I highly recommend Citta Mall to those with young toddlers who are learning to walk. The area is really spacious, unruffled, open-air concept, a lot of benches and definitely a lot of ceiling fan. It is very child proof and child friendly too. We allowed Piya to have her evening walk while holding on a balloon in one hand and the other waving around at people. Then I started to realize a new behavior from her; she detests me holding her hand while walking. She refuses to hold my hand by pulling her small palm away and prefer to walk independently. Tak padan dgn kecik…..

We changed our mind to have an afternoon tea there and opted to try Big Food @ TTDI Jaya for dinner. As Piya had walked for an hour, she slept in the car and throughout meal. That was a relief. I have been noticing this restaurant for quite some time and keep relating it to Big Plate @ Subang Permai. Apparently they’re not related (at least that’s what I thought… dunno about this).. Furthermore, Big Food made an appearance in Saffiyya @ TV9 which airs every Sunday night after prime time. The menu looks tempting in the show which influences my decision to give it a try.

So here’s my verdict…. Terrible menu, terrible place, terrible service, terrible taste… uuuuuuurrrghh…

Take a look at the interior decorations first:-

Greeted by this small creature

Initially I ordered Beef Lasagne (RM19.90) and their signature pizza ‘Romeo & Juliet’ (RM25.00++) while Uncle Din ordered Chicken Carbonara (RM25.00++). Most of the orders have 2 option; either the regular size or larger which they called it as Big Food. We placed our order at 6.45 pm and we received our drinks at 7.25 pm… lambat bebenor… Air Teh O and Lemon Tea jer pon…. Uncle Din was hungry and worrying over prayer time as it was approaching Maghrib. And there were only 3 tables excluding ours to summon to so what’s with the slow service? 

Our drinks: Teh O Panas & Hot Lemon Tea
The Chicken Carbonara was the 1st food to arrive and it looked bland. The taste is so akin to Pizza Hut’s Spaghetti Carbonara. It has plenty of white meat and that only…. Kot yea pon nama menu Chicken Carbonara takkan laaa takde idea other forms of chicken……. Carbonara kat William pon sedap lagi sbb die generous; ader pepperoni, chicken slice and onions… The worst part was it tasted as if the chef poured one can of condensed milk over the spaghetti w/o sautéed it with other ingredients….

Chicken Carbonara @ Big Food
Meatball Carbonara @ William
I had to change my menu to Fish & Chip (RM25.00++) as beef lasagna was finished. I asked the waiter what was the difference between regular and Big Food, he ‘translated’ it instead of explaining the distinction:-

Waiter: Regular regular laa kak, Big Food nih besar laa kak.
Dora: (What the hack..?) iyea, saya paham bahasa Inggeris… Big Food nih bape keping ikan die??
Waiter: Regular dua keping, Big Food lebih dr dua….
Dora: Ish awak nih… one more question; u pakai ikan ape nih? Instant ke dory fish?
Waiter: Dory fish laaa kak.

The whole conversation became rather annoying……. 
My Fish & Chip was very disappointing. Unlike Big Plate where the Fish & Chip was fried in battered flour + egg, Big Food’s was deep fried in breadcrumbs so it became very dried and crooked. I barely ate as I lost my appetite already.

Fish & Chip @ Big Food

Fish & Chip @ Big Plate

The only good turning point from this whole misery was the ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Pizza. But nothing special about it though. Apparently regular has 6 slices while Big Food has 8 slices. It tasted as if the chef was too lazy to brainstorm the ingredients by throwing a bunch of chicken slices and whatnot on dried pita bread. I don’t know whether the pizza base was homemade but it definitely didn’t taste like one.    

Romeo & Juliet Pizza : not doing justice to the name
We were served with a chip plate
I did mention earlier that the service was bad right? Well, actually it was terrible. Besides getting our drinks late, they did not serve us properly by providing proper cutleries. Masa pizza sampai diorg tak provide pon sudu / garfu / pisau... They did not even bothered to provide us any sauces / chili flakes for the pizza padahal ader jer kat kaunter depan tuh haaa…. Aku bgn amek sendiri sambil wat muka. 

We asked the waiter to tapau everything at it was nearly 8.00pm. Another disappointment; they placed our ornate pizza in that white polystyrene (not even the transparent ones tau) instead of providing us a proper pizza box to accommodate our 4 slices of pizza. 


The price might differ as i barely remember the actual figure but at least you can gauge the price.


  1. Yeah...dulu ni antara best place yg kitorg suka g mkn, but lately mmg sgt trk....with the service, with the foods it self...dulu lain,mknnnya sedap, servis bagus....tp klau pegi tgh2 bulan lg la sgt teruk...kan dlm hidangan fish n chips or chicken chop dia ada seketul jagung kan? klau pegi time tgh bulan, jagung tu mmg dh lama...rasa cm dh basi!! sy bengang time kena dulu tu, mintak tukar pon dpt yg kualiti sama gak...time nk bayar sume complaint sy kuar...

    I saw the cashier tu cm berubah air muka, prpn yg lg sorg kat dpn dia tu wat muka yg cm nk kata, "eleh,nk mintak discount la tu"

    dan2 saya hulur duit, then kata "saya complaint sume ni bukan sbb nk mintak discount, but plz upgrade ur servis...tmpt ni antara tmpt sy suka dtg dulu, tp syg dh servis cmni skrg...mgkin ni last la kot sy dtg sini..."

    then they juz say 'sorry' to me...

  2. hye Naaa..

    itu laa die problem dgn kedai melayu... tak jaga kualiti dan service... baik Naa pegi Big Plate dekat dgn umah kitorg tuh.. lagi sedap and service die ok laaaaa...

    saya mmg takkan laa pegi Big Food nih lagi....

  3. Baru balik dari Bigfood. Memang teruk. Dulu memang tempat kami bawak famili dan kawan kawan dari jauh makan sini, tapi kejap tadi kami tanggung malu depan adik saya anak beranak bila dapat hidangan yg teruk begitu. Sos black paper macam sup tulang cairnya. Bila komplen kat boss pompuan dia, buat tak tau jer, sibuk lagi tgk tgk, atur botol kosong atas kaunter. Buat rugi jer dtg berbelanja kat situ. Baik makan pizza hut jer kalau level camtu makanan dia. Lagi sedap dan murah.

  4. hye eddie,

    sorry to hear your bad experience there... but i do understand your frustration... Saya pon dh tak pegi sana dah... Terrible place...Big Plate is far better off than Big Portion..