Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Part 1 : Just Thai @ OU

Happy Mother’s Day everyone~

Syukur Alhamdulillah Allah SWT has given me the opportunity to experience Mother’s Day. I was unable to embrace the thought last year as I was heavily pregnant; not yet a mother. So this year was really surreal and meaningful to me as I had the chance to celebrate it with my love ones.

Instead of going out on Sunday (the actual day), we opted to commemorate the wonderful notion on Saturday. As usual, our favorite shopping mall would be One Utama, Bandar Utama. Ayah gave me the liberty to choose the restaurant for lunch hence I chose a Thai restaurant which I browse through prior to doth the verdict. While we were on our way, many retails were actually exhibiting a thoughtful gesture; handing out balloons or flowers to mothers. Irrefutably Piya was very happy when I passed her the balloon.

We dined at Just Thai which is located at the Lower Ground within the food aisle. The food was great and I truly adore the serene ambiance. The whole vicinity was a bit dim; perhaps they intend to create a warm sentiment to the customers. Piya behaved well; well actually I brought her favorite food ‘French Toast’ so she was kinda immersed of eating and staring at people. 


I couldn’t stop smiling and gazing at Piya. It really warms the heart seeing her grown into an adorable and cheerful toddler. She surprised us with another gesture; playing ‘cak-ku-cak’. She placed her small palm covering half of her face with eyes close, and then she open her eyes saying ‘chaaaaaaaaaaaaak~’..  But the new trick only lasted twice and then she totally ignored us afterwards.


Service: Fairly Good
Menu : Easy on the eyes
Ambiance: Serene
Food Presentation : Mediocre
Taste : Thumbs up!

Fire Pot Tomyam (M) Seafood : RM28.90
Stir-Fried Chicken with Chili : RM15.00
March Mango Salad Cat Fish : RM15.00
2 Large Rice : RM5.00
1 Iced Lemon Tea : RM7.00
1 Hot Chinese Tea : RM3.00

I truly believed we made the perfect choice of dining at Just Thai. Besides the great aftertaste, the restaurant’s rear exit is actually an entrance to OU’s indoor fish pond. We took turns holding Piya’s hand and accompanying her around the fish pond. 

As expected, curiosity was never far from her mind. We allow her to walk around the fish pond for nearly an hour before she dozes off in her stroller. Strategy to have a tantrum-free outing… hehehehee… We continued window-shopping and cam-whoring, reminisce our love life and talked about our future.. Piya was sleeping soundly due to exhaustion.  

So what was my Mother’s Day gift from Uncle Din? To be frank; nothing. He did asked me ‘do you want a necklace?’. The reason he asked instead of just giving one to me is because I don’t wear jewellery albeit cosmetic jewellery. Instead, I asked for his forgiveness for all my sins towards him. That would be more meaningful to me. Synonymously, what more could i ask except for the well-being of my daughter for all these times.  

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