Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Senyuman Di Kuala Lumpur - an epitome of Kelantanese

Recently Astro aired a very light-hearten family drama which tells the trail of virtue for 2 young graduates. The drama is called Senyuman Di Kuala Lumpur staring Izzue Islam and Sara Ali. It did give my father and I great mirth watching it as the main characters are kinda fickle in a way. 

Izzue Islam (Ismadi)
Sara Ali (Nazira)
I don’t intend to expound on the synopsis as you can get those information from blogs / Google / entertainment portals. Nor I intend to share the cast’s profile / career path profusely. Do get that info elsewhere. 

Conversely, I intend to share this movie from a different point of view. In order to do so, allow me to summarize the trail of journey:-

Nazira (Sara Ali) comes from a wealthy family that intends to send her continuing studying abroad to achieve the trail of success like her elder brother and sister. Instead of gratitude for the opportunity, Nazira detest the notion; feeling self-doubting with oneself and fear of trifle away her parents’ investment. She does intend to convey her thoughts to her abrasive mother but more often than not, the mother refuses to lend an ear listening to her conflict. For this reason, Nazira chose to rebel and linger with her friends.   

Somewhere else in the map, Ismadi; a young and diligent lad originates from Kelantan aspires studying abroad to give a better life to his mother. He represents a great epitome of graduates from rural areas that are given the likelihood to go overseas. 

With a simple twist of fate, they meet-up in KL as Ismadi has an interview, went for sight-seeing, became friends and warm valedictorian. Interestingly, the story is a one-day agenda because Ismadi’s interview was in morning and he booked a ticket home later that night. 

Ok, so basically that’s the story line. I’m making an entry on this drama as it totally makes me reminisced my acquaintance with Uncle Din. Dah laaaa muka si Izzue nih mirip Uncle Din (Uncle Din kata Izzue nih saudara die dr Kampung Badak Mati.. ntah betol ke tidak...) Furthermore, our 2nd wedding anniversary is just around the corner and I am in the midst of reviewing my life. 

Uncle Din and I are totally from 2 different worlds. He’s pious, suave, kind-hearted, and soft-spoken, barely swears and always speaks of kind words. I on the other hand; swear a lot; barely perform my prayers 5x a day, constantly judging and not the best of a person. Just like the movie, I constantly felt hollow until I met Uncle Din. He taught me to adhere prayer time, listening to sermon, speak kinder words and most importantly to wear covering attire.

Some traits were very common in our society. For instance even though Ismadi studied in UTM Skudai Johor, he's unable to converse other than his mother tongue dialect; Kelantan dialect.And yes, I concur with Nazira when she felt humiliated conversing with Ismadi. It was already bad enough visiting places that you're not interested, conversing with Ismadi was adding further insult to the injury. Poor Ismadi...... Speaking of that, there's nothing wrong with it really... Even i couldn't understand what was i thinking back then... Typical KL people kot.... tak baik kan?   

This movie warms the heart especially the scenes where Nazira corrected Ismadi’s pronunciation. I laughed so hard when Nazira spoke to Ismadi for the very 1st time asking his whereabouts. He answered "pemade appi.." When Nazira didn't understand, Ismadi said to himself "Allah dio tok pahe... beghaat aah.."... This reminds me,  I always corrected Uncle Din’s pronunciation too especially when he’s babysitting Piya; “jago tange tuh..” Haiyaaaa.... pastu aku akan kata "ape tange tange? tangaaaan..~" I am imprinted by the movie now. I really recommend this movie to those with Kelantanese-husband because they’re the best people to feel related. 

My favorite line albeit brief; “terima kasih deh.”  

*credits to, beautifulnara and OhBulan for the pictures.


  1. salam kakak

    as a kelantanese, i must admit that this post makes me smile. 'jago tange tuh'. epic! haha!

    i've some friends who live in kl all their life (and be typical kl-iltes) but can speak a bit of kelantanese which i found super duper cute. pronunciation a bit fail la tapi still, cute. i'm sure piya pun nanti mcm tu. hehe!

  2. hye dear,

    drama nih mmg wat saya senyum memanjang...husband saya tak laa mcm ismadi; die kalu ckp dgn org KL slang KL. tapi bila melatah or tegur piya kuar slang Kelantan!

    saya pon kalu kecek kelate bunyi mcm siam tapi sy dh boleh paham conversation family bila balik kg...

    tgk tau drama nih..