Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Piya is 11 months old

Ever since Piya has started walking, I have to make an effort to allocate easily around 1 hour for her to play outside everyday. On weekdays I’ll let her play at the babysitter’s laundry shop (Cik D’s parents are managing a laundry shop right next to her daycare) while on weekends she will play at Mak Tok’s garden. 

When my colleague broach on this some while ago, it makes me ponder; how could a toddler be bothered to play outside? Apparently, I was wrong. Nowadays Piya has joined that phase where she would throw tantrums if I refuse her yearning for the sky. And as expected; I would give in to her crocodile tears to taper her pique.  

It is fun when your baby can walk but do bear in mind that you have to be extremely prudent by keeping an aye on her at all times. Not to mention the tiresome of chasing and protecting her from knocking sharp corners. Another note is you are considered clever and lucky if her very 1st shoes fit her well. I bought her shoes 3 times until I found the right one. Kaki tembam.

 Cepat betol anak mama membesar...skit lagi nak setahun yea...

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