Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Telinga tersumbat (earwax clog)

Did you know that cleaning your earwax by using a cotton tip is a bad idea? I didn’t. I’ve been practicing this regime all my life until my husband told me that it is not a good practice. He on the other hand, uses a small curved instrument called curette. It gives me goose bump every time watching him doing it. 

Bad way to clear earwax
Correct way

So on one fine day I did felt discomfort in my ear. I’ve tried rubbing my ear externally, used cotton tip again and even allowing water in while bathing. None worked and I became kinda hearing-impaired for a few days. I should have gone to the doctor instantly but actually I was on sulking-mode with my husband from Monday until Saturday so I never broach on the topic. Things became worse as I felt like Harry Potter when Voldermort spoke to him via telepathic; that was how i perceived sounds.

When my husband noticed that I was ‘deaf’, he took me to Klinik Alam Medic Bukit Jelutong and I was attended by Dr. Vijaya. He confirmed that I was experiencing earwax clog that he can’t even see my ear drum. That bad huh?
Earwax blockage
Instrument to inspect earwax
He gave a liquid to ease the harden wax; 2 drops every application for every 8 hours for the next 4 days. I was made compulsory to return and have it clean on the 5th day. I did request for him to wash it instantly but as I wasn’t in pain, he beg to differ. Furthermore washing a harden wax is painful he said.


 Later that night around 11.30 pm, my ears became too itchy and the pain was intolerable. I figuratively scratch my ears (externally) until it became numb. I became unhinged with the whole deaf-pain-itchy torment. We went to the clinic again and Dr. Vijaya was still there. I gush to him about my formidable condition and beg him to clean it instantly.   

My husband joined me while Dr. Vijaya doth his duty. The clinic assistant sterilizes a medical tray and prepared a pile of warm water. Dr. Vijaya attached a tube (around 2 inches) at the tip of a syringe. The sterilized tray was place under my earlobe while Dr. Vijaya shoots warm water inside my ears. I had a motley feeling at that point of time; it was painful but felt great too. At some points I did scream though but the doctor didn’t stop. It was horrible to see the harden wax (with the size of tiny crystals) gushed out along with the water. You know what Dr. Vijaya said to me? “Show to her, let her see her treasures. Even gold have value”. Damn.. heheehe…    

Shoot warm water to gush out harden earwax

The pain eventually subsides and taper. Dr. Vijaya advised to have the earwax clean easily once a year for maintenance. I felt like a car while listening to his advice.

*Credits to Mr Google for the pictures.


  1. Lol, that was spooky! Been there, done that, but then I found this flashlight earpick. easy to use, affordable and safe. Got flashlight wooo so easy to see which 'treasure' we wanna dig haha .. do visit my blog if you wanna know more about flashlight earpick. thanks!!~

  2. Hello Akma,

    this was prior to being made known of the flashlight earpick. very uncomfortable. just remember to service the ears twice a year.

  3. Dear can i have dr vijaya contact number