Monday, May 07, 2012

Afternoon tea with Tok Ayem

Backlog entry

My babysitter was on medical leave on Friday 27/04/2012 due to heavy flu. She opted to take the day off for the fear of infecting the babies. To comprehend her absence, I had to stay home and accompany Piya for one whole day. Yeaaa!

As all of you have known, Piya began walking since she was 9 months and 3 weeks. To encourage her walking, I cleared the living hall for her and much to my surprise; she walked for an hour w/o taking a rest. She was totally in the state of adrenalin rush while I became exhausted chasing and guarding her. I haven't bought her the push-car yet; besides it's kinda expensive. i let her play with this table stool but only for awhile because it is not safe. One hour later, I bathe her and she doze off w/o much hesitance before I could even dress her up. She slept while she was still in her wet towel.


Out of boredom, I asked my parents to have a cuppa tea at Secret Recipe Bukit Jelutong for afternoon tea. Thanks to Secret Recipe for having a great offer; free tea / coffee upon purchasing 1 piece of cake. I think it’s kinda a bad idea taking Piya out with Tok Ayem. Tok Ayem was so uncomfortable with Piya’s behavior. The thing was during my upbringing, Tok Ayem was very very strict; we don’t walkabout in any restaurant, we don’t shout at our parents while dining, we don’t throw tantrum at the dining table and we will remain silent when the elders are conversing. So back to Piya, she was totally against my father’s principal and that annoyed him. She was walking about in the restaurant, ranting happily, throwing her spoon and nagging away while Tok Ayem and I were conversing. *gulp. I know he was irritated by the whole thing but he gave in as he adores Piya soo much.


We arrive home around 6pm and Piya knows it is time to play outside. i had so much fun playing with her at Mak Tok’s garden. I am still having a hard time to believe how much she has grown.

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