Friday, May 04, 2012

Pomposity is damn annoying

During high school, I attended a tuition center at Sec.2 Shah Alam on the subject Bahasa Melayu. Her name was Cikgu Suraya. I’ve always regard her highly as she speak of nice words, firm principle and taught us a lot on moral values. One of the things that I’ve hold onto was her advise on human’s ego and being humble. Her exact words were “Manusia ni mmg ader ego yg besar. Semua org ader ego. Tapi kita kena belajar dan cari jalan utk turunkan ego ituh sebawah mungkin.” She even did some body gesture while quoted this. I embraced her advice right into my sub-conscious mind w/o realizing it.

So today unlike my norm posts, I just want to rant on how irritated I’ve become with pompous people. Damn it’s annoying. 

Virtual diary and communication via FB allows people to express their thoughts and kaleidoscope life in their own manner. I concur with that as I’ve just become one too. Unfortunately I’ve begun to feel pretty annoyed with some people who are just overdose with self-appraisal and suka dipuji. Haven’t you ever heard of the importance of being wasatiah and down-to-earth…? Allah SWT has great plans ahead of us in just a matter of its own time. Yes, Allah decides our sustenance, not human beings. Thereupon it’s very vital to be grateful, not cocky.

Can you believe that I really came across people / blogs that bragged themselves to be hebat, cute, comel2, kaya raya and berlagak betol laaa dgn ape yg  diorg miliki or buat…? What the heck..? There is this one particular blog literally said “kenapa kena baca blog aku? sebab aku hebat.” Apakah…? Aiyooo… puji diri fofular, puji diri hebat sbb blog menang award……. Log-in FB pon sama gak. I came across a few people who are so addicted with self-appraisal and suka dipuji. Aduuuuhh… Puji diri sendiri cantik, puji anak comel byk sgt (biasa jer pon), letak gambar tah pape sbb nak org puji pastu 'suka' bila dipuji, berlagak dpt EBF anak lama2 and the list could go on and on.

Pomposity is a reflection of your ego. In some way though. Do you notice that modest people have mild ego? They don’t mind receiving a lesser service even when their post in the society could demand more than that or they don’t mind dining at cheap places even though they can afford expensive places; they are just modest people.  Pomposity hurts other people as we are not as lucky as you. So you should be modest, not cocky..

My best friend is residing in Dubai; rilek jer…. My close friend in the office selalu murah rezeki.. rilek jer.. dpt BF anak sampai setahun, rilek jer… Baru ingat nak link to my blog, lepas baca blog die, tak mau aaa... aku cume link blog dgn org2 humble jer...

Orang yg betol2 bertuah nasib badan biasanyer rilek jer…. Should learn from them laaa…
 I surmised these bragging people are actually feeling hollow inside. I think. 

*Mode: Annoyed.

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