Monday, April 30, 2012

Piya dah boleh berjalan

Piya will be 1 year old very soon. I am very happy that she started walking when she was 9 months 3 weeks. There’s an old adage saying that your baby will either start walking or start talking. I kinda vouch that in a way. She just got her first tooth last week and I know she’s enduring a painful stage. With teeth or not, she likes to baby-talk as loudly as she pleases. Funny.

In my earlier posts, I did shared my experience of going to Pureen WHS with my babysitter. Subsequent to that, we fetched Piya at home and took her out for lunch. I slip her on her new shoes bought from the sale, and let her walk around the restaurant as there no other guess. But this is a bad habit tau... 

Muka terkejut "i tot no ummi today??"

it is ummi laaa...i like~

Doze off while i was driving.. did not notice this until we reach home.


  1. geramnya tengok piya ni. rasa nak kiss pipi tembam tu hehe

  2. Tq dear... Khaisah pon bam-bam kan? selalu teringat kat Piya bila tgk pics Khaisah..