Monday, April 23, 2012

Pureen Warehouse Sale April 2012

The initial plan was to go to the warehouse sale (WHS) with Mama Aniq. However as Aniq was on viral fever, I went to the WHS with Cik D my lovely babysitter! Ahahahah… 

I fetched Cik D at 8.30 am and grab a breakfast from KFC via drive-thru. Never go to ‘war’ with an empty stomach. 

The WHS was held at Summit Co. section 19, PJ which was right next to Digital Mall. If you don’t have a clue where is Digital Mall or Toyota Service Centre, do Google. It is very easy to find the place.

1. I just used Federal Highway, took the left exit to Jalan Utara.
2.  Drive straight until a free left turn (Jalan Semangat), and drive further right after a mosque.
3. There’s a traffic light in front of the mosque. Take the free left turn and stay on the right.
4. You will approach a traffic light and turn to the right.

We arrived at 9.30 am and the road was already congested. People parked their car by the roadside and we had to park ours quite far. If you happen to arrive early, you can park your car at the Muslim’s Grave (Tanah Perkuburan Islam) or even at a building in front of Vitagen where they offer RM3 per entry. Never mind; I was really optimistic and mirth that morning.

When I step inside the warehouse, I really thought that it can’t go worse than this. There were already so many people! I really don’t understand; Pureen advertised the WHS is from 10am until 6pm nevertheless there was already a sea of people by 9.30am. What the heck..? I grabbed a basket and began grabbing stuff from the floor. i bought a lot of bottle cleanser and baby wipes as they were so cheap.

Once we’re done at this section, we began walking to the Pureen’s Pride & Joy baby attire. It was at another tent located at the back. Now this one was crazy. I was actually, figuratively swam among the people. My goodness! There were so many people with little compromise. What overwhelmed me was witnessing an inconvenience incident. One parent was holding their 2 year old daughter’s hand; walking through among the highly congested people. She was barely taller than my knee. She fell and was accidently step over by others. I can still remember her screaming and crying. Thankfully the parents were conscious and picked her up immediately. It was a horrifying sight.

When I arrived in the 2nd tent, the racks were already empty when disappointed mothers hovering around the rack. I did wait for awhile just to see if could still grab any. After some time, one guy came with a box and throws the content into rack. EVERYONE SNATCHED THE CLOTHES W/O CHOOSING. Whaaaaaaaat…?? I stood there and observe the scene; I felt like a hungry kitten waiting for someone’s pity to throw me some food. Along the aisle to arrive at where I stood were a line of people sitting by the side selecting clothes after snatching a pile. I have to be smart. So instead of waiting for another throw, I got out of the tent and approached these mothers. I requested for the clothes that they decided to leave and compile mine within few minutes. And voila! I managed to compile dozens of clothes. See? You have to set a strategy and be smart.

The next horror was getting out of the tent. Damn…. The whole vicinity was truly madness. With 2 big IKEA plastic bags and one basket full with bottles, I almost fainted among the crowd. It was really suffocating with very little oxygen. I thought it was a long walk to arrive at the cashier counter; I was wrong. I was actually already standing in a queue for payment. Do you know how long it took me to reach the cashier counter? 1.5 hours. By the time I reached the cashier counter, it was merely 1.30pm.

So, that’s my story of going to a Pureen WHS. The guy who was guarding the queue said that Pureen usually hold a WHS 3 times a year. I don’t think I would go to another one in the near future. 

Here’s my advice in the event you plan to go to a WHS:-

1.  Have breakfast prior to shopping. You need the energy.
2. Arrive early and get a decent parking.
3. Do wear a deodorant people! Your BO is so unpleasant.
4. Bring a partner / husband; it’s a good strategy.
5. Don’t bring small children / toddler / babies / NB…. Pity them… There were so many babies and children screaming and crying. It was unbearable.  
6. You can use a credit card if you’re out of cash. I did.
7. Be optimist and smile. You won’t survive if you’re insincere and full of anger.

Do I regret going to the WHS? Nooo laaa… it was worth it..

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