Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To Elina + Syazwan : Congratz for the new addition!

I visited 2 new born babies recently; 1 belong to my ‘cousin’ Kak Linnie + Saiful and the other 1 belong to my dear oldest close friend Nor Elina + Syazwan Zahari..

Cikgu Adam held aqiqah to introduce his latest grandson which is already 2 months 3 weeks old. I didn’t have the chance to visit them earlier so I had to take this opportunity. I forgot to ask the baby’s name (silly me) and was so immersed with the delicious food spread. Stayed for 1 hour and took a detour to meet Elina. Thankfully both houses are in Section 11, Shah Alam.

Daddy : Saiful
Mommy : Kak Linnie
Who is Elina to me? Well, our story goes way back when we were kids. I’ve known her way longer than my friendship with Golek. Elina was among my earliest acquaintance upon returning from England. Our house was side by side and we used to play together when we were young. Unlike kids today, children of the yesteryear's had more fun growing up. We played cikgu-cikgu, teng-teng, main getah, pukul berapa datuk harimau, penutup botol, batu seremban, baling selipar and the list could go on and on. We took different paths when we entered varsity but remain connected. We even worked together as waitresses at Intekma Resort Sec. 6! That experience was surreal and the best time we ever had together….  That explains how close we are. 

Apparently Elina’s wedding day was 12 May 2011 and I didn’t make it to her reception. I was heavily pregnant and was due anytime. Plus, I wasn’t in the best condition to meet people. I may have missed the reception but thanx to FB, I got the chance to glance through the beautiful day. So here's elina + hubby and her preggy photo...skiiiiiit jer naik berat badan...cissss~

So Elina just gave birth recently to a beautiful baby girl. As I have missed her wedding day, I feel unfeigned to visit her during puerperium. As we parked our car right in front of my old house, I keep telling Piya “Piya, kita dah sampai kampung mama~ ini kampung mama…” Hahahaa... Section 11 Shah Alam is my kampung halaman. 

Elina didn’t gain much weight; only a mere 12 kg (Jeles betol laaaaa naik skit jer........... aku naik sampai 27 kg tau)... The baby was name Sophea Khalisa Imaani Binti Mohd Syazwan (3 words bebeh!). I told her “ko memang menyusahkan anak ko kan, besok masuk sekolah sure die salahkan ko bg nama panjang2..” Sophea weighted 2.3 kg and she was such a doll. Her EDD was 27 May 2012 but Elina had to endure C-sec surgery due to complication. Never mind, as long as the baby is in great health. 


I just love babies………………. Congratz Elina…. Welcome to motherhood babe!

FYI: mostly people named Sophea / Sophia / Sofia turn out to be very beautiful.. at least they're doing justice to the name right?

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