Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Durra Elfieya is 1 year old

Wooow… the most anticipating day of the year is actually today.. I really can’t believe it that Durra Elfieya is 1 year old today.. TODAY.. Syukur Alhamdulillah.. Plus, today is 2 Rejab already...

01 - The pregnancy experience

Uncle Din and I had our 1st Eid together in Kelantan and we travel to his hometown by bus. I was already vomiting that night and was not in great condition to fast. The vomiting continued during our stay and kinda spoilt my Eid. Everyone had the same notion but I beg to differ; fear of another frustration. Upon our return to Shah Alam, I was confirmed to be pregnant.

The 1st trimester was hard, very hard. Constant vomiting throughout the day pulls my weight down until I was at 4 months. I could not stand the smell and thought of many foods especially rice and oily food. I was so frail and at the mercy of food’s aroma. But Allah SWT is truly fair and kind. My health improved and got better upon entering 2nd trimester. By the end of my pregnancy, I was as healthy as a horse carrying an excess of 27kg. 

02 - The labor experience

I opted to have my tummy checked every 3 days as an attempt to monitor the baby’s heartbeat after hearing too many horror stories of stillborn babies. It was Wednesday May 18, 2011 when I went for a CTG at DEMC accompanied by Uncle Din. The nurse confirmed that I have dilated 1cm and advised me to practice a lot of walk. Hereinafter, I went to office as usual and walked to and fro (from the parking lot to the RND building). Many of my colleagues were frightened when I told them of my current condition. They ‘chased’ me out and ask me to go home. Funny…

CTG @ DEMC : 18 May 2011 9.20 am
I experienced 2 false alarms:-
1st : I thought I was in labor when actually I urinated in my sleep. Uncle Din laughed so hard that tears were falling down his cheeks.
2nd: I really thought I was in labor when actually I was experiencing constipation. Again… Uncle Din laughed at me so hard that he literally he could felt his kidney aching. 

The actual leaking took place on Sunday May 22, 2011 at 12.00am midnight. We just finished watching Futurama and tucked ourselves in bed when I felt as if I urinated again. But this time, my water really broke and we head straight to DEMC in the middle of the night. Apparently my dilation was at 2cm and I was detained by the nurses. The actual pain began at 6.30am when I was around 3cm. Subhanallah…. Nothing can beat labor pain. It is truly the most excruciating pain ever existed in life! I felt like dying with the following hours spent in trepidation. Though received a dosage of pethidine and ethonox, it had no effect on reducing the pain in anyway. Finally, I opted to have epidural after hours of battling the contraction.

Post labor @ 3.20pm
Piya's very 1st photo
I vouch the truth in people’s saying; giving birth was like passing stool. If you feel that, then you’re ready to push. Syukur Alhamdulillah I successfully delivered Piya at 3.07 pm on May 23, 2011. She is the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen in my entire life. So tiny and delicate. It is really hard to believe that such a tiny creature has been living inside my enormous tummy. I kept rubbing my tummy feeling the hollow that took place. The following hours were spent in anxiety as apprehension was never far from one’s mind pondering on the obligations that awaits. 

03 - The 2 months puerperium

I had my confinement regime 2 weeks in Shah Alam and continued 3 weeks in Kelantan under the care of my MIL. The 2 school of thoughts that greatly contradict each other was truly confusing. My mother said there’s no such thing as forbidden food in confinement. On the other hand, my MIL said I must be prudent as even innocent veggies are prone to be harmful. Haiyaaaaaaaaa….. by the end of my confinement, I only lost 17 kg and got stuck with 10kg.

@ Airport Kelantan : Returning home from 3 weeks stay
Piya @ 5 weeks
04 - The Breastfeeding (BF)

I am not lucky like most mothers out there. I endured great difficulties as Piya detest latching. Only Allah knows the number of days and nights I wept in tears hoping Piya would ‘accept’ me so that I could EBF her even for 1 day. Subhanallaaaah… Allah is Great and perhaps my sustenance is somewhere else. I expressed my milk for 5 months only and continued feeding her with Anmum.

05 - The Motherhood experience 

I love being a mother and nothing can beat the caprice. Kissing her forehead every night and cium kemasaman die setiap pagi; this is my favorite daily routine.  I can’t recall all her milestones but I’m very glad that she’s growing accordingly. I’m kinda ready to multiply the bunch but Ayah needs some time to embrace the thought (lepas Raya buka kilang eh sayang?)

Us at 1 year old :)
Dear sayang mama,

Syukur Alhamdulillah you are 1 year old today. You are truly the apple of my eye and we are so proud of you. I hope one day you will get the chance to read this trail of thoughts and know that Mama and Ayah will never stop loving you. I pray for your health, wealth, safety and sustenance. I love you sayang.

Yours truly,


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