Thursday, May 24, 2012

Do We Look Alike?

As your child is growing up, people tend to ponder whether the child’s genes are greatly influence by which parent. Some babies get the best out the parents while some just happen to get the bad genes. Actually I am very happy that Piya is so akin to Ayah instead of me. Life is so tough and unkind when you have dark complexion. I’ve been teased throughout my adolescence years and even adult hood for looking like an Indian or Mamak (which I’m not)… And I will be eternally envy of those with fair complexion. 

Basically I am a concoction of Chinese + Punjabi + Indonesian + Malay. On the other hand Uncle Din has mixed heritage of Malay + Siamese. As long as our name is Islam by belief, I strongly believe that each and every one of us has extended relatives that are prominent public figure. To give a glimpse of idea how my extended relatives look like are my grandfather (My mom’s uncle) Pak Lah Badawi and my long distant cousin Lah VE. Uncle Din also has one; Izzue Islam… Ahahahaa…. He vouch that they’re truly related…  So I guess this explains why we look the way we are right?  

I’ve garnered some of my baby photos to do a comparison with Piya’s feature. Of course she has a glimpse of me but I still think that she is so sebijik with Ayah…

Do we look the same….? I always tell Piya "Piya, Piya mcm ader iras mama tapi mama tinted laaa syg..."

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