Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baby cot : 1st time

I bought a baby crib for Piya when I was 36 weeks pregnant. Initial intention was to instill sleeping habits in her own bed. Furthermore I love watching babies sleeping soundly in their cradle with all those soft toys hanging above.   
Nice right? aaaaawwweeee...
On the contrary, Piya was never taught to sleep in her cot as we did not have the heart to do so. We keep procrastinate the effort and tolerate sleeping all three of us on one bed. But that thought has obsolete and no longer can be practise. Piya is approaching 7 months and she can already crawl like little soldiers. She is able to turn 360o degrees, reverse, rolling over and my greatest fear is she does everything swiftly. It is no longer safe to leave her unattended and all these while we have been allowing her to play on our bed.

More often than not, Uncle Din would have to babysit her as I would be doing the cooking or house chores. Guess what ayah Piya opted to babysit her? He would placed Piya in the baby bouncer for 20 minutes or until Piya would start screaming.

Hence, I have started to teach Piya to sleep in her own cot last Sunday. She was actually down with flu and developed that phlegm again. After feeding her with medicine, I instantaneously place her in the cot while she was drowsy. And it worked! She really settled nicely and it was such a great moment to commemorate. I am so glad that we did not waste our money buying that cot.

Good girl Piya..


  1. Dora..agreed.
    Even Iman skrg tidor atas matress kat tepi katil kitorg sb nk bg dia bergolek dgn puas.babies sbnrnya tido buas :)

  2. Laju giler bergolek! kita plak yg terjerit2. die boleh gelak2.