Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Veer passion to cooking

Holiday for 3 days is definitely insufficient once you have a baby. I can’t get enuf of Piya even though we spent 3 days together. How I wish I could be a housewife one day and still be able to generate income from home. Wishing upon a falling star… hhhmmm..
In lieu of spending time playing with Piya, I am currently becoming more immersed in preparing meal for the whole household (I am staying with my parents as I promise to care for them). I used to be apathy in cooking as my husband and I love to dine out. So why the sudden veer of interest? Well, I began to vouch the truth in the old adage “the way to your husband’s heart is through his stomach”. Wink*
Not to mention that stall foods are becoming more expensive although they’re not that tasty anyway. But I do understand why people opted to buy instead of cooking. It is hard work. The labor ship is time + energy consuming. So here is the list of what I have cooked for the past 3 days of my holiday. Mediocre & facile dishes.   
Day 1: 10 Dec 2011 (Saturday)
Lunch: ikan goreng berlada, ayam goreng kunyit + kacang pjg, stim siew pak choy
Afternoon tea: keropok lekor, cucur ikan bilis
Dinner: dory sweet sour, tofu telur + mushroom masak gravy

Day 2: 11 Dec 2011 (Sunday)
Breakfast: Nasi goreng kampung
Lunch: Sup ayam, sayur campur, sambal udang
Dinner: Yee mee mushroom + chicken

Day 3: 12 Dec 2011 (Monday)
Breakfast: pancake
Lunch: Ayam paprik, stim bendi, ikan goreng rempah tomyam
Dinner: Macaroni Carbonara

Later I asked my husband of his opinion:-
Dora       : ayang, sedap tak?
Hubby    : hmmm (sambil angguk + angkat kening)
Dora       : suka tak I masak utk u?
Hubby    : hmmmm (sambil angguk + cheeky smile)
Dora       : makin sayang tak?
Hubby    : hmmm (sambil angguk + tersipu2 pulak)

Heheheeee… Makin hari makin sayang~

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