Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Foods to avoid

Piya has begun to consume solid food for 2 weeks now. Initially I intended to prepare her food daily and pass it over to the babysitter. Unfortunately, by night falls I no longer have the vigor to prepare baby’s food. Everyday upon returning home, I would bathe Piya all by myself. Hence more often than not, i would be drained by 9.00 pm.
Thanks to my great babysitter; she has the knowledge and skills to prepare Piya’s food daily. For the time being, Piya is only consuming fruits and veggies. Apparently she has shown great appetite in veggies. I believe she is following my footsteps. I am all over veggies! Way to go Piya! I love giving her carrots and broccoli. Broccoli is 'superfood' as it can boost her immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties. Sounds good right?
While parents are Googling ‘foods for babies’, i think it is also wise for you to browse for ‘food to avoid’. Thus, here is a list of food that I found on the net that must be avoid – just for the time being until she is 1 year old. The reason being is these foods are prone to cause allergies or digestive problems. So how to measure allergies? Easy. Feed her the same meal for 2 weeks in a row. Some research even says that 4 days are ample to determine this.
In the event your baby is fine by these, by all means, fret not and continue to give her the best.

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