Monday, October 03, 2011

Creative Baby ~ Baby Walker

Last Saturday October 1, 2011, uncle din and I were so determine to go to Anis Atiah’s wedding reception in Subang Jaya. In fact, we intend to go to and buy something for Piya right after we’re done at the reception. However, after we calculated the time that we have, we decided that we have to dismiss one occasion. I am truly sorry Anis~
Uncle din and I went to Midvalley where we bought an immobile baby walker for Piya. I know baby walker is not recommended for babies but I don’t want to teach her that mama can hold her 24/7. She is not even ready to be left alone in the baby crib. In fact, this was actually recommended by our babysitter. She even demonstrated to me that Piya can sit in the baby walker all by herself for 30 ~ 45 minutes. This is really helpful especially while performing my prayers or if I am in the kitchen. She is so active that she only takes frequent naps instead of sleeping 2 ~ 3 hours during the day.

Piya can already stand!

the sit can turn 360 degrees

colourful holder that can be twisted

rotated chime

dangling moon & star

bouncy ball

mirror for the lady

the sit that can rotate 360 degrees

the height can be adjusted to 3 levels

those green circles can actually rotate so your kid thinks that she is walking

1 comment:

  1. wah, menarik la walker ni ek dora..
    piya mcm suke je duk dlm tu ;)

    nanti nak carik 1 la utk aniq hehe