Thursday, October 06, 2011

Lunch @ Breeks Cafe IOI Mall via Groupon

Friday is the best day in the entire week! The day is more lay back and easy going. The highlighted event of the day would be during lunch hour because Proton’s lunch break is from 12.45 ~ 2.45 pm. As all the Muslim men perform the Friday prayer, the damsels would opt to have lunch outside Proton’s compound. More often than not, I would have my lunch at the café downstairs and take a nap at the surau.
Last Friday Sept 30, 2011 my dear colleague suggested us to have lunch at Breeks Café via coupon vouchers purchased from Interestingly the meals that were offered are western food only. We ordered the followings:-
1.       Char-grilled quarter chicken worth rm18.90
2.       Baked dory with mushroom cream sauce worth rm21.90
3.       Baked chicken pattie with melted cheese worth rm15.90
Main course was served with drinks + soup of the day + ice cream
1.   Char-grilled quarter chicken worth rm18.90
The chicken was tender and grilled to perfectness. It was a bit dried and be much lovelier if gravy was generous.
2.   Baked dory with mushroom cream sauce worth rm21.90
This was my order! 8/10 rate! The dory fish fillet was baked very mild and wasn’t salty at all. The mushroom sauce was very juicy which complement the dory fish. Love it!
3.   Baked chicken pattie with melted cheese worth rm15.90
Did you know that pattie is just a fancy word for burger? I didn’t know ok. It was served with very creamy mashed potatoes with gravy sauce on the top. The fries weren’t oily and complement the mashed potatoes.
CONCLUSION:- we has so much and were very much happy when the food was great.
Pictures are courtesy from . thank you Mizah!

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