Friday, October 07, 2011

Proton Excellence Award Night

My deepest gratitude and appreciation must go to my superior and bosses for nominating my team in receiving this award. I have been posting several times about my project namely as Project Pak Arab and it has never occurred to me that the top management would actually acknowledge our hard work and effort. Against all odds, the project has taught me a lot life experiences and work related matter.
The occasion took place on September 30, 2011 @ Putrajaya Pullman Lakeside Resort. I was really pissed with the management’s indecisive code attire. Well, it is no use crying over a spilt milk.
I decided to borrow my mom’s batik as she has plenty of it. Initially I intended to wear a purple, black, silver batik kebaya. With my glass hour curvaceous figure right now, I would definitely look dapper wearing that. In fact, I was really determined to wear my dowry gifts such as the heels, my RM1k++ Emporio Armani watch and to borrow some of my mom’s accessories. I was really forward to this occasion! No thanks to the idiot laundry shop in Bukit Jelutong, my attire was not ready as promised. It has been 6 days after I send the kebaya to the laundry for dry-cleaning. The shop promised that I could collect my kebaya only after 3 days. These nonsense stupidities really drive me up the wall. I lost my mood entirely and finally I had to opt wearing a black maxi dress with faux diamante.  

Back to the function, our team did not win anything. Haha! We were close but no cigar. The nominees were really high achievers and our team was way out of their league. It wasn’t just anyone’s call and definitely it was a level playing field. Make no bones about that, the winners deserve to win.

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