Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Down in the dumps

Assalamualaikum and Hello There,

Oh my, posting an entry has become an annual occasion compared to my early days of blogging. My genuine intention when I started blogging was to pen the chronicles in my life. I’m glad I manage to deliver the notion years ago as some important photos have lost from my keeping. Thanx to my diligence (in the past for commemorating memories) I got to retrieve them! 

2018, May..

I thought i wanna resume writing by jotting down happy thoughts but shouldn't sad feelings be appreciated too? That's what we learned from Inside Out right? 

Exactly what i feel RIGHT NOW

Well today, out of many days, truly tests my resilience as a working mother. I usually feel down in the dumps with matters related to my kids which what today was all about. My little one Zaheera has a pinky eye but the doctor has dismissed the notion of conjunctivitis. Seeing a kid with a pinky eye is rather alarming, I know, unfortunately I can’t take any leaves this week. Work has been rather demanding and I’m known to be completing my tasks within my 9 working hours. I would have taken leaves if I was in a better situation but no, I am not….

And here I am, sitting at my desk crunching my laptop being at the end my tether thinking of my Zaheera.. and I do know we’re supposed and should be feeling grateful for everything that we have and everything that we are not bestowed upon as Allah’s plan is better than ours but c’mon laaaa….. it is okay to feel sad and depressed once in a while okaaaay………

So to those lucky homekeepers, I truly envy you today….. You may be dealing with endless chores, but believes, at least your heart is safe and sound at home….

-       Mood: Devastated

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