Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Prudent thoughts

Assalamualaikum and hello there..

It’s been awhile huh? I know… I often open this page and jot down things I wanted to share and later on, I’ll be having second thoughts as some things are best deemed for own keeping. I guess I truly have changed from where I began my journey with this blog. I used to share almost everything here but now, coming to think of it, I’ve began picking stories to share unlike before.

I surmised this change was rooted from a note shared viral in Facebook where it says that you may have good intentions of sharing what you’ve eat, visited, bought, what you are wearing or even how your child is developing. But little do they know (the people who likes to share EVERYTHING), their post updates hurts other people…. For instance “Oh my baby is so cute! She can now read a,b,c at the age of 3”. Sounds innocent right? But those on the receiving end may not be as lucky as you, they maybe are struggling to conceive, or their child is facing critical illness or worse, their child has passed away.

Another annoying example “Syukur Alhamdulillah a simple family holiday #hotel5bintang #oversea #ilovemylife”… Dude… Are you really being grateful or showing off? Because indebted people keep things to themselves for the fear of riak & takabur. I remember one story that should be made as a good exemplar; the wife of late Tok Guru Nik Aziz. Wallahualam the authenticity of the story but then again it conveys a good message. The story goes that one day the wife asked the husband why she is not accessorize with beautiful gold ornaments like other wives. The husband responded that such things should be kept from showing off to people because it may stir conflict in someone’s matrimony. Other wives who are less fortunate would yearn the same thing and create unnecessary argument with their husband. Hence, keep things to yourself. Be smart in sharing personal things about your life. Such a wise simple message from the late Tok Guru huh? Simple story but it hit me hard. #sentapmak

After construing these message from viral posts, it kind of change my perception of life in a major way. It makes me become more prudent in sharing stories be it in social media or even during an encounter. The best example I would like to share here is one annoying uncomfortable situation that I had to bare with. We were invited to a cousin’s house (Uncle Din’s side of the family) along with my dear SIL. The entire conversation was orbiting about my daughter and how I should have another one. They keep stressing the point and stating the obvious that I SHOULD HAVE ANOTHER BABY. They repeated this so many times up to a point where I could barely curt a smile anymore. And all I could think of was my poor SIL. I glanced at them as they grinned an uncomfortable smile. Just so you know, my SIL is still hoping for a child to enlighten her home even after 15 year tying the knot.

What’s the point of this post entry again? I’ve strayed soooo far from what I had in mind and now I can’t recall my intention…………… hhhmmmmmmmm….

Just saying; be prudent with the topic of your conversation and things you want to share with the public….

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