Tuesday, June 09, 2015

My daily routine to work

Assalamualaikum & hello….

As you may know, working in KL (KLCC to be exact) is kind of effort consuming especially the part of getting here to and fro. I don’t drive to work and have no future intention of doing so. I’m truly happy to commute via LRT thus far. But there is a catch; a major change to my daily routine. Oh my…

Terkedip-kedip mata jeling kat phone.. 10 more minutes.. 10 more minutes.. Snooooze….

Re-heat the kettle as Uncle Din brings his own coffee from home to work. *nerrrd… Masak nasi..Tumis2 masak bekal untuk Uncle Din because if I don’t prepare his snack pack, he won’t eat the entire day. And kemas dapur while waiting for all these to be done.

Change Piya’s diaper and make her some milk. Bath and get dress.

Subuh in my gym attire. Teeeeheee

Arrive at LRT Kelana Jaya station. And I just looooove parking in the front row.

Hello KLCC! *pfffft………

Burn those fats baby! Crunches, planks, Russian twist, run 1, 2 km on the threadmill, lunges and such.

Here I am sitting at my desk and people thought I just came in….. have some breakfast and start to do my work.

And I’m done! Pack my things and rush to the LRT station.

Fetch Piya from her school just at the nick of time. I hate paying those OTs.

Cook dinner (daily hokaaaaaaaaaay….oh my) and get the table ready for Uncle Din.

Maghrib and do the laundry. Prepare Piya’s school bag for the next day, my gym attire and office attire too. Uncle Din’s clothes doesn’t need ironing as he doesn’t mind….heeeeeee…

Sidai kain, Lipat kain, thaw frozen chicken / fish / meat for Uncle Din’s snack pack..

Doze off……. I wish……..

I sleep lesser these days. Sometimes I wake up at 4.30am and have a very productive day. I gotta thanks my adrenaline rush as a result from working out at the gym. And unlike my previous job, I don’t even take naps anymore. I used to think I would die waking up too early but then again, everything is in your mind. Hopefully I can still be this optimistic when I have another baby again.. we’ll see how my schedule would look like huh..

Eat clean and stay fit people.

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