Thursday, June 25, 2015

I wonder what's next

Assalamualaikum and hello..

This has been the toughest Ramadhan week thus far…. Hmmmm *sigh….
Baba has been dealing with his diabetes for many years now and he stop taking the insulin 5 year ago. Well, he just had had enough he said. Turning to alternative remedies didn’t help much either and last weekend was the part where I had to draw the line. Enough is enough. It was really painful just to gaze at him; a frail skinny look, like walking a zombie if I may… He looked dreadful and it was really worrying… Although we get to make plenty of jokes about his physiques but jokes aside; he is sick..

I didn’t feel at ease erstwhile in the office. I just don’t. It took me awhile to finally figure out on managing this issue because ironically my job function in PET is to identify & manage potential risk / threat to the business nature so why can’t I manage this palpable risk at home? I took the evening off and went straight home. Lucky me though; a good school friend of mine is a doctor at Klinik Mediviron Denai Alam which is a shy of 5 minute away. Speaking of convenience huh. I made an appointment with him prior persuading baba and inform him surface details of his ailment.

I was extremely glad Baba embrace my good doctor very well. His name is Dr. Prashan. Bless you buddy…. He listened, nodded, voice out his concerns and listened further. Most importantly Dr. Prashan put some senses into him the level of his illness. The worst thing that could ever happen is to fall into a coma and I noticed that information made Baba quite startled. We were strongly advised to go to the hospital as soon as we can. But we kinda need to iftar as well so we manage to make a move at 9.00pm.

Instead of heading to those glamorous private hospitals, we opted for Hospital Selayang instead because Baba doesn’t have insurance. Now you see the importance of having an insurance? Seeking privates would cost us thousands henceforward we put the thought on KIV. We wanted to test the hearsay of government hospitals and vouch the numerous testimonials. The verdict; it was BAD………. Really BAD….. Horrific and unbearable if I may. Poor Baba.

Upon registering, we were directed to the Yellow Zone in the emergency ward. As there were no available beds, we were placed at a sofa for treatment. The ergonomic of the sofa was bad enough which made me ponder how could they allow such thing in the first place? Baba sat there for 4 hours while the insulin drips in via IV tube. I, on the other hand, sat on the freaking cold floor for 4 hours. Speaking of body ache huh. Thankfully Baba responded to the insulin hence we were allowed to go home. It was 2.30am by then.

As I was handling Baba as sober as I can, Piya apparently had a viral fever again. I simply couldn’t fathom why. I really tried as hard as I can to stay awake and soak her at nights but then Red Aunty paid a visit which leads me to be a gone case………. So poor Uncle Din had to care for both of us and yet go to the office the very next day.

This has been a tough week for me. Last week I was grieving for the passing of a model friend and this week I’m stress with Baba’s issue. One thing after another unfolds but by the grace of Allah, everything falls into place. As the dust has settled, you will begin to see the message between the lines…. It is so hard to be strong sometimes but you don’t get to choose fate. Sometimes fate chose you..


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