Thursday, February 05, 2015

Couch potato

Assalammualaikum & good morning…

I had a casual chat with one of my colleagues this morning whereby the question was “How was your long weekend?” Malaysia had a long weekend recently; Saturday, Sunday, Federal Territory Day & Thaipusam. Well, we are definitely a diverse culture country so I’m really grateful for alllll the holidays listed in our calendar. Back to the topic, my response to the question made her cringed followed by another question “Is that how married people lead their life??” Hmm… now this began to make me ponder and reflect on my life.. Again..

Like any other long holidays, Uncle Din and I really prefer to opt for a relaxing rest at home. We cook, clean, do the laundry and just lay back on our cheap sofa bed bought from IKEA watching cooking channels. I appreciate the tranquil atmosphere as my normal weekdays are very exhausting. So is this what life has to offer after we settled down with kids? I guess so but it is very much subject to the household itself. I reckon that being parents, we too need a break. Some has the financial stability to opt for a holiday retreat while some may insinuate spending time at home with kids. But such notion can only be appreciated by parents because once you become a parent, you will fathom that your kids is your world.

Nevertheless, to be fair to my Piya, we took her out for some air as I believe that the world is bigger than our LCD screen at home. We just went to One Utama Shopping Mall for a breather at the fish pond. Nothing much though but at least we moved our arse from the couch right.

I hope this pattern wouldn't fall into an abyss of boredom. Or I might have to wait until Piya begins to whine having boring parents. (-_____-)”

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