Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Life & such

Assalamualaikum & hellooooo February!

Wow…how time flies huh? We have entered the second month of the year man. My colleagues are having Xmas as they just received their annual bonus for the efforts poured in 2014. As for me, I’m just feeling happy for them. Since I have experiences of changing companies, I too have tasted the bitter smile of looking on other’s premium remuneration. My time will come; insyaAllah.

How is the year by far? Nothing much, still. I’m still kicking and rocking my modeling thing though but in a much slower tempo. I’m just not feeling confident with how I look these days or the fact that my body is not in its best shape. I haven’t jog for a while neither go to the gym and this sucks. I wake up 5.15am & I’m freaking tired every day when I arrived home as my task doesn’t end there; it would either be Uncle Din or me to fetch Piya from her play school, then I would have to do the laundry, put dinner on the table, pack Piya’s school bag, hang those clean laundry, fold the previous laundry & cook meals for the next day. Everything must be done by 9pm as I aim to sleep early. Phewww….. #life

A good friend of mine from Proton; Lat (she too has started a new journey with a different company now) gave me a wonderful insight. She told me that I have prayed to Allah SWT for this chance, for this new beginning and Allah SWT bestowed us on things that we can handle. I prayed for this to happen so suck it up & embrace all the hardships. I hate to admit it but she is 100% correct. I may whine once or twice but I’m not regretting any of my decision. I stand by my decision and I’m still going around it to find the best way to accommodate this new life. Goodness gracious me… #lifeagain

There was a casting the other day for a local renown muslimah magazine; Nur. They were scouting for their subsequent front cover girls and their criteria suits me well. I brought 2 of my new friends from PET to give it a try as I truly think they fit the picture. I don’t mind if I’m not selected but I praaaaay my girls would land a chance. You see, I have this odd habit of observing people & beauty is one of the apparent pulling factor. That is why I’m trying my best to introduce my new buddies into this modeling field. I have seen worse but somehow or rather they made it because they have deep passion to strive for it. We’ll see…

Is life going well as I foresee it to be? I guess so. Well… the veracity remains the same though; I’m very much happy now. InsyaAllah..

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